Im not afraid of clowns


you should be they bite.

Ok. Well I am and that video made me ever more scared of them. Why are clowns so happy any ways. Are they high?

ok hit me in the face!!
i watched the whole thing…

Hi :slight_smile:
Not afraid, but terrifed of Mickey Mouse.
When I was about 5 yrs old on a trip to Blackpool. Was traumatised by lifesize full colour Mickey. Until then I really believed that Mickey would only be in black & white (a TV thing at the time) & about 2/3 inches high. Can you imagine that. :bigsmile:

Oooo, look who’s showing his age :bigsmile:

And I think clowns are creepy :eek:

Still the scariest clown ever…Pennywise!

This is the scariest clown ever…

i saw this when it came out.

i was 6.

my aunt and uncle babysat a lot and thought it was funny to torture me :stuck_out_tongue:

needless to say, I’m scarred for life. clowns don’t bother me so much, but I can’t even look at a horror movie section in a video store.

Didn’t it torment your mind working at Blockbuster? I’m sure there was no way around putting up the returned horror movies.

ugh, luckily our horror section wasn’t very big. i always left them for last though that way i could leave them if i ran out of time or had to help out on register or something haha

all of the low budget B horror movies were very popular in my area. dozens of people would ask how they were…i only had to be there about a month before our regulars knew better than to ask me about horror movies.

i actually got in an argument with a guy once who said it was my JOB to watch all the movies. umm no, it’s my job to wait on jackasses like you, and you’re taking up so much of my time that i can’t go home and watch ANY movies…

…not bitter or anything… :slight_smile:

I hate those grease paint fuckers and I hate mimes even more

This is the Biggest clown of all…hahahahaha

a : a fool, jester, or comedian in an entertainment (as a play); specifically : a grotesquely dressed comedy performer in a circus b : a person who habitually jokes and plays the buffoon c : JOKER 1b