"I'm new to this"

This looks interesting and like fun. I don’t understand the lingo though. Anyone have some definitions of these terms that are new to me so I can participate and communicate if I want. What is a crack. I know I’m way behind but please hook me up?

I’ll take this one serious!
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(cracks are little progs which can crack a protected program (f.e. clonecd or nero) so you don’t have to pay for it!! This is not legal!)

Visit the following sites and you can learn a lot:

A crack is a little program that bypasses a security or timelimit, so you can use it without having the original CD or serial number.

Serialz = serial numbers

Warez = versions of software that can be used with buying it, though they are illegal

FTP = a computer connected to the internet to which you can logon and upload to (copy to that computer) and download from(copy from that computer onto yours).

Crossposting = posting the same message in more than one forum on this site.

Referral programs = sites where you get paid for every member that sigs up through a special link with a code that is linked to you (not allowed here)

Think that is a short list that should help you. Maybe you can be more specific in what you would like to know…

da_taxman - that’s a good little guide you put together.

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da_taxman - that’s a good little guide you put together.

Dang, I am good for something after all :wink:

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