I'm new to this program, a little help please

Hi there, my friend just recently installed this program onto my computer, and he can’t explain this to me. What I’m wondering is when I’ve added the movie files, and I’m ready to convert, where does it convert to? Like, does it convert to the path of wherever my DVD drive is; meaning does it convert and burn into my DVD drive already? or does it just convert the files to another folder, AND then, I have to burn them using another program? Sorry for the noob question but I still have a lot to learn. Thanks in advance for the help.

What program?


If you are starting from scratch with no knowledge of the program, I would suggest Google, keywords ConvertXtoDvd Tutorial.

Where did your friend get this program, that he knows nothing about, from?

Suggest you download the latest CXD manual (chm format) and start reading.