I'm new to this - how do I burn my Video_TS files onto a DVD-r?



I have been using DVD Shrink & CloneDVD and am having problems…none of my dvds will work with my dvd players, but do work on my pc. I have a new Dell with a Philips 16x dvd-rw -/+ and am using dvd-r disks. the ones i burn will not play on my new JVC player, or in my parents’ samsung and tosiba players.
anyway, Dell says for me to use Nero 6 to burn instead. I dowloaded it but after checking out all its features, I didn’t know which option to choose to burn a movie like I do in CloneDVD where i can just choose my video files and burn. there were data dvds, audio dvds, and many other options…don’t know which one will do the trick.
I just need simple instructions on how to do this. Thanks for you help!



CloneDVD should do the job. Reduce the burn speed to 4X. Use Made in Japan DVD-R media from TDK, Sony, Fuji, and Maxell. I saw quite a few Made in Japan DVD-R Sony DVDs at Target (yellow box) last week.


@ NMR1279
It is hard to understand if DVD not playing is media/burn issues, or authoring issues.
For authoring issues try this.
Assuming you can play the DVD from the files on your hard drive VIDEO_TS directory:
Use free program DVD Shrink and use “Open Files” button.
The press “Backup”
Mount the result ISO with Daemon Tools and verify that you hae “good” DVD image.
Then burn the ISO with free program DVD Decrypter.


So, I can burn through DVD Decrypter? I do have that downloaded but haven’t used it yet.
I will check my files thru Power DVD before burning, especially since I am having some movies burn without sound.
I don’t think the media is the problem - i’ve tried TDK, Philips, Verbatim, and Staples brand dvd-r. A Staples disk burned on my friend’s burner plays on my JVC player, a Staples disk burned on mine doesn’t play on the JVC. must be a program problem or my burner, or maybe my burner isn’t compatible with the programs I am using, causing the disks I burn to not play on 90% of dvd players. i wish i knew…
the burner is the main reason i bought a new Dell and this is driving me crazy!!


In Nero 6:


In upper left, set it to “DVD”

Choose DVD-Video form the box on the left.

You’ll now get an empty disk with AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders. Drag the video files into the VIDEO_TS folders. Burn.