Im New To The Hole Dvd Burning Thing I Need Help

ok here it is i just got a new computer andits got a dvd burner and my step brother rents dvds and the burns copys of them he uses some program but he wont tell me so i was wondering if someone could help me on how to but encrypted dvd the kind from the store thank you for your time…

Copying rented dvds is illegal and discussion of that subject is not allowed here at cdfreaks. If you read the rules for the forums you’ll see that.

We can advise you on how to make back-up copies of dvds that you already own. And if you read through some threads in the Copy DVD Movie forum, I’m sure you will find several programs that can decrypt and rip your dvds to your hard drive.

The last free decryption/ripping program that is still being updated and is effective against virtually all the new protection schemes is called DVDFab Decrypter. You can find it at this link

You’ll need a burning program capable of burning dvd-video. Nero is a popular choice. You’ll also need a program that can reduce the size of your commercially made dvd to fit onto a blank dvdr. DVDShrink is a good place to start, and you can download it from He has some guides on its use as well.

Use good blank dvds because many of the cheap ones will deteriorate quickly. People around here recommend Verbatim brand, and Taiyo Yuden (found at online shops mostly nowadays). There are a few others you might try if you find a sale, like the HP brand 16x disks.

please read the forum rules. here.

if want information on how to backup the dvd’s which you own then there are many people including myself whom would be glad to help.

i would suggest DVDFab Platinum. this is excellent software, easy to use and regularly updated.

hi kerry56, you must have posted while i was typing mine.

AndrewKet, he is also correct with the use of DVDFab Decrypter , DVD Shrink and Nero . if you dont have nero there is a free burning program called ImgBurn which will work great with dvdshrink.

these are all great freeware programs. save yourself the headache and do all three with one program.

just remember that backing up borrowed or rented dvd’s is :Z illegal.

@AndrewKet: Yes we cannot help with copying rented DVDs. Please don’t ask again.

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