Im New To Dvd Copying Need Help With My Burner

I have a laptop latest spec 1g memory etc i have a sony rw dw q58a i have nero 7 and the latest filmwere on my drive i am using dvd decrpter last version and am using verbatim 16x great disks I have no problem ripping or burning but the copy is qurky or freezes up can any one help

If you are burning at 16x, try 12x or even 8x. Some members find the Verbatim like to be burned slower than rated. I think it just depends on the make of the burner.
Is your Verbatim made in Japan ? If not, that could be part of the problem.

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i am burning at 8x they are from japan.

ps sorry

they are DVD+R 4.7 GB 16X Taiyo Yuden.

Is the copy bad playing on your computer, or a standalone player ?
If it’s the standalone, it may not like +R. Try a -R disk.

I maybe wrong but I thought 16x Verbs were either MCC, Prodisk or MB(made in india) but whatever they are try slower burning and if they are fake Tys try very slow burning or take them back.