Im new here with a big problem ! jeje

HI !

My system have WinXp home , Sp2 , AMD 64 2gb ram

I have 2 hd CD-310-U2 enclosure that im trying to connect by firewire to my pc
I need the both of them working together at the same time but windows cant see they both at the same time .
Fisrt windows cant see them both at the same time before assign any letter .
Second if you start to assign a letter one disk at time when you go for the second windows cant see it .
You turn off the fisrt one then " surprise " windows see the secong one BUT with the letter of the fisrt HD .
If you change the letter again then windows cant see the fisrt one and the history is repeated .

I cheked the Chipet and it says


I tried to to flash the enclosures but i cant !
When i run the utility it said :

Cant acces the chip, ( Be rejected ! )

Thanks !

Hi and Welcome!

you problem seems to be due to these enclosures don’t have unique serial numbers, so Windows has no chance to tell them apart.
A workaround might be to install a USB PCI card (Nec chipset preferred) and connect one of these enclosures there. This should work, but I am not 100% sure.


Hi !

The problem is that i need it to work with firewire because my main application requirement ( Protools )

Thanks !

Ive contacted and this the reply :

Hello, Ill forward this concern to our engineers
and will get back to you asap.
Also, is this coolmax unit: LF07012D ? Can you take a picture?

CoolMax Support

Man that was on thursday and nothing yet !!! :confused: