I'm new here, i need help on Hp 840i


I have been using my my hp 840i dvd writer to back up my dvds.

I use dvd xcopy as the program to do this with.

I was getting 8mins to burn a 4.27gb disk but now all of a sudden its taking 5 times longer

e.g to read a 7.10gb disk it took 55 mins then to burn it,it took 40mins.?

I’ve only backed up about 30discs so far and was wondering what the problem could be. It was working perfectly until I installed Stalker (game)

can anyone please help (the drive would still be under warrenty as is only 2months old, but i would have expected a bit more use out of it than that!)

Many thanks

P.s I haven’t changed disk write speed, I use x16 verbitram DVD +R, have had problems using -R before.

enable dma mode.

Many thanks for that,

I’ve done that already, could it be something to do with the actual drive?

very unlikely , must be the dma , and considering the data goes from the hard drive to the burner the dma must be enabled on both… , just because you set “dma if available” on the ide channel “advanced” tab it doesnt mean its on… look in “current transfer mode” field oh and device0=master drive and device1=slave drive , might wanna check this dma guide
http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616 , also be aware dma setting is depended on the bios settings first and windows after that… so if its off in bios… it will be off in windows aswell , make sure dma is set to auto for all of the drives in bios

Wow many thanks for that!

Cant wait untill i get home to try it out.

just a quick question tho… i’ve never delt with bios before is it easy to check?

once again many thanks for that.

Usually you need to press DEL or F2 during bootup.
If you have no idea what to do in the BIOS, check your manual.

I noticed when i went into device manager under the ide channels i had 2 primary channels and 2 secondary channels.

I’ve changed over my dvd burner (had the same problem with the last one)

can someone tell me if thats correct?

Also just explain the problem a little better if i put a dvd in to watch it plays but then sound either plays with an annoying click then slows down.

Look forward to your help as usual.


God I must me getting old my memory is going!

I forgot to say when i go into my computer my dvd burner and my separate dvd drive say under type cd not dvd where as before i’m pretty sure they said DVD.

once again thaks to all who are trying to help me

DVD > cd drive is only cosmetical.

If your burner is recognized in the BIOS, everything is okay.

You moved it - have you also changed the jumpers accordingly?

For playing back a VideoDVD, install a proper app like VLC tool or even powerdvd, winddvd or similar.

Thanks chef,

It was working fine then it slowed right up to the problems listed above.

It’s listed in Bois.

I have powerdvd and also VCL and i have the same problem in both of them (the audio plays normal then has a click in it on a regular basis its as if there is like a mark on the dvd so when the dvd player goes over it it’s like a sticking sound on old lps and it also slows down at time, it’s as if the disk slows but the picture is fine!)

but i just got delivered today a new LG Super multi DVD rewriter GSA-H42N so I’m going to take the HP out and send it back to HP!

I know I’ve asked about the laser before but could it be that? the 840i burns at x16 and i use x16 verbitram disks so could i have damaged the laser?

My Last drive was a sony with a burn rate of x8 and it lasted to about 60 disks then did the exact same thing. Then when when i put in the new840 drive everything was great!

Or could it maybe be my other drive thats causing a prblem? Its just a sony DVD rom drive, and when i put a dvd it it it does the same when playing dvd’s and as for music i don’t bother with playing it straight from disk its awful!.

God how much have i written! lol

Anyway once again thanks for all your suggestions and help its much appreiciated

Probably the drive was slightly damaged in some way.
Check out your new drive.

Thanks chef, once again.

Well here’s my update for today!


Well i put in the new dvd writer but sill old me left my stalker game in the old drive! :doh:

So I have to swap everything back, to get it out!

and i had a thought, I’ll give it one last try so i got a dvd and went to burn it and hey presto we were back to lightening speeds again!

I then went to try and burn the disk that i had problems with in the first place (there was a file read error) and for some reason this is what was causing my drive to go on a go slow!

So I unplagged all the cables and put them back in again and hey presto we were back on track again! :clap:

So If anyone ever comes across someone with the same problem that i had just tell them to unplugg the dvd drive, including power and then reconnect and it should work!

I would like to thank everyone who tried to help me and i’m glad that google pointed me to you all. I’ll be sure to keep checking this forum out for all my future needs.

Many thanks all and have fun

You are welome.

Cables can easily get “partly” unplugged.