Im new here and need help with my movies

im new to burning movies and need some help
ill tell u how i do and maybe u can correct me

i download a movie from
it then goes to utorrent where it downloads then i burn it using nero
im using windows vista

so the problem is i hate nero its slow and freezes a lot
so i decided to try wmp and i burnt 6 movies on 1 dvd-r
this one work on my new dvd player
so i burnt one movie onto a dvd using wmp but it will not work on my older dvd player…it says incompatiable disc

so im not sure why it works on one and not the other

im looking for a new way of burning bc nero takes like 2 hours and it sooo slow

is there a free program that is easy to use and fast?

if u could answer my questions in simple form bc i am new to this and dont no all the lingo and complicated stuff

thanxs in advance!!


I sure hope you read the rules before signing up …

Read my Signature … the blue part :wink:

Nobody said it was a copyrighted movie…innocent until proven guilty…remember guys!

@madison2021: a bit more information would be helpful, such as:
what is the file format of the downloaded (copyright free) movie, what is the make and model of your burner, what is the brand of discs used (Media code would even be more helpful), etc…