Im new at flashing firmware and need help,

Just got my nd 3500a today from newegg and was wanting
to flash my drive with the 2.27 plus and i dont want to screw it up. Im running xp pro The drive is master and the current firmware is 2.16…is there like a easy way to do this,ive look around at the guides and there all for the 2500 I need some do it all double click ah your done thing… :iagree:

              My first post on NEC Ive switched from plextor to nec
        (dont know jack about dos)

I’m gonna be in the same boat as you’re in shortly. I’ve never flashed a drive before and I don’t want to screw it up. Can someone give us noobs a lowdown on what needs to be done correctly.

I did it for the first time two days ago with the “binflash” that everybody seems to use. It should be found in any of the firmware threads. On that page there is instructions on how to flash the drive.

Basically, you DL the binflash, which is in fact called necflash.exe. Then, go to start > run and type “cmd”, then enter. That brings up your dos box. Now navigate to the directory that necflash.exe is in. We’ll assume you put it in c:\ along with the new firmware you want to install. Type:

necflash -scan <enter>

That brings up the drives you can do. In my case my Nec drive was e: (in the binflash directinos they call theirs 1.0.0).

Now, backup your old firmware with:

necflash -dump c:\oldfirmware.bin e:

Now, to flash it with the new firmware:

necflash -flash c:
ewfirmware.bin e:

Then you can run necflash -scan again and confirm that it was dumped properly.

I used the 2.27 + last night, and it automatically set the permanent booktype for SL, so you won’t need to bother changing that.

Or if that’s more comfortable for you, just use the GUI version of the flasher. There you have a button to dump the current firmware to file and flash a new firmware.

I think I should mention this somewhere on my flasher page :wink:

Yeah that would be better :wink:

Check this thread for my response to your question and mini flash How To using the window GUI version:

I used the GUI version, it is very intuitive and easy. :bow: