Im new and stuck :-)

can i convert AVI vcd to mpeg 2 vcd so i can watch it on a home DVD player if so what program do i need and where do i get it ???

Yes you can. You need some tools and info which you can get here. The Nicky Guides are excellent.

just install nero and burn an video cd it will convert the avi automaticly …but it will take some time though

thanx a lot for the answers now all i need to do is buy nero or find a good kind free d/load site :slight_smile: might be a good start.
Nero trial version can be downloaded at

or go search on if you need nero burning rom :wink:

You can also get ahold of TMPGenc. It will convert divx, avi, asf,
Im not sure if it does .mov files or not, I havent tried .mov files with it. There is also a site called that gives you step by step instructions on how to use it.