I'm Lost - Need Expert Help

Hi All,

I apologize in advance for the length of this post .

I came across your excellent site while researching different CD burning software. I can’t seem to find the answer to my question by using “search” and reading FAQs – probably because it is so basic. Here’s the background: I am a music fanatic, but unfortunately my computer knowledge is very rudimentary. I have a 4 year old Dell PC, with Pentium III and 450 MHz – when I purchased the computer, it came with Win98 and Adaptec Easy CD Creator (and a Sony burner). I bought “CD Stomper” to make labels and I was successfully burning CDs, making labels etc.

Then, a month ago, my computer had a total meltdown and had to be “flattened” and rebuilt. I now have Win2000, and Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, which doesn’t seem to have the features of my old Easy CD Creator (e.g. no jewel case label maker that I can see). I have the disc for the original Adaptec program, but it won’t work with Win2000. I also don’t want to buy the “Platinum” version because I don’t think it has everything I need (details below).

So here’s the dilemma: I need direction on what to buy. All I need is a burning program that hopefully has a built-in jewel case labelling feature. Only other things I would like (that I didn’t have before) are:
i) level-matching feature (to avoid shocking volume changes due to new mastering techniques vs. old)
ii) the ability to do simple top/tail and/or fade-in/fade-out digital editing. Cross-fades would be really cool too.

Based on what I found on the Internet, I downloaded the trial versions of Cakewalk Pyro and Nero 6. The Cakewalk program never worked properly on my computer so it removed itself from consideration. Nero seemed pretty cool – it had basic digital editing and both normalizing and volume parameters (as an aside, I though normalizing=volume matching=level matching…I guess they don’t?). It also appeared to have a labelling feature but before I could try it, it expired. Even though it said it was a 30-day trial, it expired in under a week. No idea why.

Then, I came across Foobar2000, with “Replay Gain” etc….I am totally lost and confused. I am way out of my depth and really need some expert guidance. Based on my requirements, please tell me what to buy and I’ll buy it. If I can get everything in one standalone program, that’s fine, but I’m open to mixing and matching – whatever you suggest. Thanks in advance.


Hi Joe , and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately Roxio (owner of easy cd creator) isn’t very helpful towards its customers. They usually tell you to upgrade or buy the platinum extended version (Sounds a lot like the Lord of the Rings dvd’s :slight_smile: ).

If your current writing software has no particular bugs and/or issues , i suggest you stick with that one and just try a 3rd party cover/label creator program.

I always use the adware CoverXP but i have no idea if it can print cdlabels. I only use if for covers.

Nero Burning Rom 6 is an overall package , it includes lots of plugins and is very user friendly considering writing cd/dvd’s. I never tested the other features myself , but i hear good results.

Thanks Mr. Belvedere.

Hi all - I’m truly at my wit’s end. Can’t find my problem via advanced search (although I’ll keep trying different combinations of words and phrases).

Bought Nero 6 Ultra Edition a few weeks ago, successfully burned some audio cds. Last two days, have been trying to burn a few .wmv and .mpg videos and it’s all gone out the window.

I select data disc (and I have experimented with audio as well) follow all the prompts and after it buffers, I get:
“power calibration error” followed by
“all writers idle, stopping conversion” then
“could not perform end track” finally
“could not perform fixation”

and then it tells me that the burn process has failed. Have gone through this process about 10 times in the last couple of nights and I am fed up.

I printed out the error report and it doesn’t mean a thing to me; three pages of gobbledeegook.

I really hope it’s something simple and one of you can steer me straight. If you want more screen caps or error report info, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Just remembered something else that may be a clue? When I try to watch videos that I burned long ago with Roxio, my computer either a) doesn’t see the disc or b) says it isn’t formatted. I can watch the same videos easily on my laptop. My PC is '99 Dell Dimension XPS, 450 MHz (obviouslyI need to upgrade). I need to shut everything down in order to use Nero.

I wanted to scan the three page error report, but here’s what I received when I tried to do so. I’ve never seen this notice before - hopefully it is a clue to someone as to what is going on with my PC. Thanks.

Scanner now working. Hopefully this is useful.

Make sure dma is on. It doesn’t turn on by itself when reinstalling. Upgrade to the latest version of Nero. Its available on Ahead’s website. Update the firmware on your burner. Try a different brand cd. Power calibration usually means a media problem.

Power Calibration Errors are usually a sign of bad media (damaged disc) or a faulty CD writer.

I’d suggest trying again with a different disc. Also be sure that Nero is set to burn the correct format (CD or DVD).

Thanks for the ideas guys.

Tonight, I will

  1. Make sure I have latest update from Nero
  2. Try different brand of cd-r
  3. Also try this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=697678&postcount=2
  4. Can’t find the glossary here - is there one? Apologies for next two questions.
  5. What is “dma”?
  6. What is “firmware”? I looked into the firmware link I found on another post (http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=4&manufactor=30) and this warning scared me off: “These pages are only for advanced users. Bad flashing could destroy your drive definitively. Read carefully the installation notes of your firmware before you upgrade.

Also, I entered my burner model (CRX100E) into the firmware search engine and it couldn’t find it. I checked Nero’s utilities section and my model is supported by Nero.

Sadly, it’s quite clear that I don’t know what I’m doing. I will follow the first three steps and see what you think about dma and the firmware angle.

Thanks again.

A DMA guide on how to check and if need how to turn it on.

Firmware is a small program/ code that runs the CDRW. It is present on all optical devices. Updating it can fix problems that have been reported. 99.99% of firmware updates work without problems.

The only firmware I could find was here:


It only upgrades to 80min cds. Try enabling dma, upgrading Nero and use a different disc first.

Thank you very much for all the responses - I think we’re getting close. I have updated nero, turned on dma and downloaded the firmware for my drive. Also deleted the upper and lower filter registry thing. When I opened the read me file for the firmware, this is what I got:

Firmware upgrade for Sony CRX-100E CD-RW to version 1.0n

  1. The flash utility must be run only in real DOS mode (not in windows DOS box).

  2. During the flash you must have not disc in the drive.

UPDCRX.EXE commands

UPDCRX filename /AT|/98 [/P|/1|/2] [/M|/S]

You must at least set [filename] and [/AT or /98].
filename :Update filename
/AT : PC/AT compatible /98 : PC-98xx
/P,/1 : Primary /2 : 2ndary
/M : Master /S : Slave
/C : Write sequence change

Flashing the drive is done at you own risk.
A bad use of the software could damage you drive definitively

What does “real DOS” mean? I did a search and the suggestion was to make a bootable disc with nero. I don’t know if my nero will do that, since the topic of this thread is my nero not being able to burn a disc (chicken and the egg situation!). If someone can translate the firmware’s read me text, I think I can get this going.

Thanks again!

eww, what a hassle. i am a loser when it comes to correct DOS commands. first i’d make sure that your firmware is not already 1.0n as that firmware is Nov 30, 2002 or older. try nero info tool for FW status

Great advice Ghosters (and everyone else) - thanks again. So no need to update firmware (I think) which is good. Still nothing else happening though. What a bummer. I’ll keep searching the archives and again, I appreciate everyone’s input.

Oops, I have “m” and need “n”. I will do that. (can’t even read today)

when you have problems with a drive, the program to try is Feurio!
Fortunately, it supports your drive. The demo version has no limitation: www.feurio.com

BTW, it’s the best audio program (it doesn’t burn data discs), but the cover editor is probably not very nice… but it’s a better program to understand what’s happening…

Don’t try to update firmware if you’ve never done it. Do it as the last option.
“Power calibration error” means that your writer is unable to correctly work with that media. If that message is correct, maybe your drive is dying…

Thanks minix, thanks all. I don’t think I need to update the firmware.


  1. Updated everything I could find for Nero
  2. Bought new brand of discs
  3. Was able to successfully burn a data disc with 6 videos.
  4. Can play this new disc back in either E or F drive, no problem.
  5. Still, neither drive will recognize my older data discs. If put it in E, says it’s not formatted. If put it in F, says it’s inaccessible.

If I put a standard audio cd in either tray, will play with no problem. Obviously, I installed Nero by putting the install disc in one of the drives. So I think the drives themselves are fine.

What is it about my discs that I made a long while back with Win98 and Roxio? Why are they invisible to my computer now that I have Win2000 and Nero? My laptop is Win2000 and the discs play fine there, so may have nothing to do with OS - just a setting somewhere.

I think this must be something simple that I need to change (I hope so anyway) - any ideas? Thanks again.