I'm Lost....I Think?

Hi All

I,m new to the forum and just love it here. I have am airhead question about backing up Painkiller.Hubby loves this game and plays 8 + hours a day. Cd looking worn. I have xp pro w/sp 2, Alcohol 120%,Daemon tools. Sony CDRW crx175A,Sony DVDRW Dual layer 710A 1:0. 3 200gig HD,2Gigs DDR ram.AMD Athlon 2.0 cpu. I followed the instructions listed below. Now here comes the airhead question. Do I make an image first with alcohol and then run daemon tools and then back up, or do it a totally different way.And what settings in alcohol do I use. I don’t backup many pc games.Thats why I’m lost.If one of you and explain it step by step I would really like that.I have search the forums and just can’t find a good answer. Thanks in advance


Re: Painkiller backup (Need help quickly!)

Success!! Thanks for your help!

By following one of the links you provided, I found the following [edited slightly for clarity]:

"If you experience a lot of errors in the Log Window and the imaging seems to be taking forever, the disc is most likely protected by SafeDisc, LaserLock or RingPROTECH. The majority of the time it’s SafeDisc [it was]. Use a scanner from here to ID it. Got SafeDisc? This is what you do:

  1. Download and install Daemon Tools. You will see an icon in your system tray. It can mount an image of your game for playing and it can emulate the protection. Try Left and Right-clicking the icon.
  2. Choose SafeDisc from the emulation list.
  3. Put in the Play-disc.
  4. Start the game and play a little.
  5. Leave the play-disc in.
  6. Now start your Backup App and choose the SafeDisc profile [I used Alcohol’s SafeDisk 2/3 option].
  7. The errors will be skipped in mere seconds. [Well, more than a few in my case…]

This is now known as a fastdump image."

Followed the instructions using Alcohol set to “SafeDisk 2/3” and it worked like a charm.
Thanks again!!

Welcome NuttyMe,

although I know the fastdump method, I never used it so i don’t know if it’s still working for SafeDisc 3.20 which is used on Painkiller. Anyway SD3.20 is very hardware dependant you can read more info in this thread SafeDisc 3.20 Successes and Non-Successes. You can try Alcohol’s SafeDisc profile for reading and writing using both of your drives in combination with a CDRW to avoid coasters and try to run the backup from both of them enabling ignore media type in Alcohol’s emulation settings. Another nice method would be using your vdrives and a mini image, how this can be done is described here.

p.s. as last option newest CloneCD should do the job although it’ll be an emulated copy…