IM lost: changing Sony DRU-865S to Liteon iHAS422

Im trying to change my drive but I dont really understand how to do it. Ive read some of the other posts on here but i havent found one that really shows me how to change the drives name. I have downloaded the Liteon drive patched firmware. I was given 3 different files and when I launch them, it says that I dont have that drive. I also got the EEPROM program and backed the original up. Can anyone tell me how to go about doing this…My drive for some reason will fail my dvd+r DL discs and Im hoping that this will solve it. Please post any steps or any links on how to do this. Thanks

Trying to change Sony DRU-865S----->LiteOn iHAS322/422 (or what ever the drive really is)

Crossflashing will not cure problems with inferior DL discs. What brand are you trying to use?

verbatim…however, i would like to try to cross flash the drive