I'm losing it with my 5005



Hi there,
I have mine now almost for a year and have never had updated it yet.
Did it today and see there now I cannot use it with DVD+RWs anymore.

All I get is a lot of drive noise and the message invalid disk.

I tried to downgrade but without any effect. The player doesn’t recognise older fw version on a cd-rw. I only get DATA disk.

PLease help me in getting an older fw version for instance the 2063 but my machine is th UK version. Don’t know if it is any different from the european version.





Unfortunately after having a read about, it is not possible to downgrade the firmware. One thing that may be worth trying is performing another upgrade with the same firmware or firmware from a different region, e.g. EU instead of UK firmware, just in case the previous firmware update did not load successfully.

Finally, it may be worth erasing one of your DVD+RW’s in a PC DVD writer as a test just in case the new firmware uses a different recording structure/method on DVD+RW to the old firmware, much like how a DVD+RW written on one standalone DVD Recorder may not be usable on another DVD Recorder without first erasing it.


thanks mate but more problems… the ones I tried to erase with the 5005 now aren’t recognised by the PC DVD anymore…
this is getting better and better. I tried to finialise a DVD-R I had for a long time and it now trashed it and all because I couldn’t leave my fingers still damn…


By any chance did you back up your old f/w with the PC based LiteOn firmware utillty? If you did use the PC based firmweare utility to reflash your 5005 back to the old firmware. You’ll need to hook your 5005 to your PC again.


Did you also do a drive FW update or only a system FW update?

If it was system only, try reloading the present FW. If it was a drive FW update, ther is almost no way around it other than hooking the drive up to a PC and reloading the old FW. (if someone happens to have the correct .bin file)

Have you tried calling Liteon Tech Support? They may be able to provide the drive FW, but I doubt they will.


hi mate,
no I didn’t mine is the F2SC in the drive now. I wonder if anyone out there could give me a hand in reverting this.
I hooked the drive earlier on my PC but couldn’t get any further. The pc does recognise it without probs but it struggles in the same way as with the 5005 box.

it must be the drive’s fw.
hope there will be a response from some1 with a valid file.


PS is there anyway I can get back my media back, the one my 5005 mistreated? the PC’s drive my lappy’s as well doesn’t recognise it anymore.


BTW the drive is a 411s

another thing… it still loves my very old CD-RWs and normal CDs… I mean burning them. :Z


BTW I rechecked the paperwork that I had with the 5005 and see there… after all the fw upgrade did not change the drive’s fw at all. It is now as it was then when I bout it the same F2SC. Was this all a coincidence? Nevertheless I have sent the unit to the place I bought it from. With a little help they’ll do something about it and send it back in a state which will please me…


final chapter on this episode…

As above I have sent my old 5005 back and was asked if I wanted the 5006 as an exchange or my money back?
well… I did pay 169.99 when I bought it 8 month ago. Now the 5006 costs 137.98 or close to that. I went for the money.
Now I don’t know what to buy.
I’d love to have a liteon with all its different formats but then again… If it starts to play up again I’m done with it. Hell I won’t risk it again with Liteon.
Full stop to this for me.


Don’t think it is anything you did just a unit failure (don’t beat yourself up) I’ve had 4 units that would work ok with +RW and later fail. Return the unit things will not improve.


The 5006 has all the functionality that the 5005 has; additionally it has VCRPlus +. Go with the 5006. It has also been said that the 5006 has a stereo tuner but that is not true of my 5006.