Im looking to upgrade my video card

I currently have the Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB video card. Retail version from ATI. I want to knwo if their would be a video card(that wont go and clean me out of cash, i would spend maybe at most 400$'s) that would be a reasonable upgrade, or is it better to just stick with what I got for awhile and let a cpl more eeevideo cards come around?

It’s just my two cents, but if you’re going to wait, I would think you might well end up doing an entire revamp of your PC. A lot of new products are switching over to PCI EXPRESS instead of AGP. If you’re not willing to upgrade your motherboard as well, I don’t think that waiting will do you much good, except perhaps if the swell of PCIEXPRESS happens to drive down prices of AGP8X cards…But that’s up to you…Frankly, I’d be happy to have the card you have–I’m still running an ATI 7500…

Mmmm…ATI X800 Pro for $409…argh.
X800 Pro

i would wait awhile, unless a great deal happens to come along or you plan on keeping that machine for awhile. the 9800 pro is a very good card, and should play the new games quite well.

I would wait a few days/weeks because the ATI X850XT has been already spotted. :iagree:

I have the NVidia GeForce 6800 basic. Runs great! Max core temperature allowed 135°C and lots of power. It has cost me 420 Euros; with 20 more bucks you can afford it. A friend of mine has the GeForce 6800 GT (as the Ultra was not available when he bought it) and it is even more powerful. Only it requires some cooling… :wink:

get a 6800GT from a good brand and flash the bios and/or overclock it to Ultra speeds.

get SLI, thats the daddy, two graphics cards connected together, as one, probably able to play half life 2 a stupidily fast rates.

And stupidily costs. :bigsmile:

true…if he was on a strict budget he could go for a voodoo SLI setup instead, they must only cost like £5 these days, i read about some guy who ran doom 3 somehow with his voodoo2 SLI, obviously there wasn’t much in the way of textures…or lighting effects but you get the general idea…

Stick with what you got. To buy anything PCI express right now is useless simply because even the highest Nvidia and ATI cards don’t even use all the bandwidth that AGP8x supports.

Wait for awhile and when you get ready to revamp your entire system, then spend the cash on a bada$$ video card.