I'm looking for valid laptop BD burners with certified M-DISC support

I have really bad experience with nowadays optical drivers that seems having extremely cheap build quality, for example my prehistoric and now useless 25 years old Philips 2x CD burner is still alive and you can see how different are the materials used compared to modern popular divers (glass lens, metal and extremely hard plastic parts vs ultracheap soft plastic everywhere). All newer models that I have purchased in these years from Philips Itself, Lg, Asus, Panasonic, Pioneer all got issues few years after the purchase (in some case elastic or the tray mechanics in other cases lens).
Even worse with laptop optical drivers all working flawlessly the first years and creating a lot of issues in recognizing or burn correctly discs with age, despite very little usage, having ridiculous plastic lens quality that make almost impossible to clean lens without damage It altering Its coefficient of transparency progressively till the point of no return.

Now I would replace my laptop internal optical unit avoiding USB solutions and I’m looking for valid laptop BD burners with certified M-DISC support. Any suggestion?