Im looking for Taiyo Yuden type CDRs at local B&M Stores

I am just about out of blank CDRs.
I have allways purchased FUJI MIJ Taiyo Yudens - And have never had a single problem with them. I totally trust TY Media, and will not spend my money on a different type.

It seems like it is getting hard to find CDs on Sale that are Taiyo Yuden media at local stores. Bestbuy, Circuitcity, Staples, etc…

Does anybody know of any Good deals on TY media that can be picked up locally?

I know that Fuji MIJ = Taiyo Yuden.
but what about other Brand Name disc that are made in japan, do they also = Taiyo Yudens?

My local walmart had some MIJ Maxells (the ones with all different color designs on the tops). But just wasnt sure if they where TYs.
Does anyone know what Maxell MIJ = media code?

I can seem to find any sites that give a list of receint CDR Media Codes, just lists DVD media these days.


As far as I know, any CD-Rs sold in the US retail market that are MIJ are TY discs. TY is pretty much the only manufacturer that still makes CD-Rs in Japan, aside from the ultra expensive TDK Theory audio CD-Rs which aren’t sold outside of Japan.

Maxell CDR Pro is Taiyo, I believe.

Maxell has a factory in Japan, though most of their blanks come from Taiwan now. I got an old spindle of MIJ Maxell DVD+R and they were excellent.

There’s probably a 50/50 chance that it’s TY or Maxell. In my opinion, anything made in Japan is as good as TY.