I'm looking for someone with Twilight 48 (cd or DVD)



My distributor is on holidays so I can’t get my TL48. Perhaps someone can help me?

I don’t trust ordering via internet, I prefer someone personal, not a dealer…a copy is good enough for me!


If you dont trust ordering through i-net why place this thread?

this is the internet…(i thought)

(still no DVD to be released!)

what do you have to trade?


I know, I just don’t like ordering from one of them groups, the possiblity of being watched is very big.

So that’s why I hope to find someone who wants to trade by oploading it perhaps…

I got some PSX games, I got the whole TL series from 1, I can get other software perhaps of someone asks for it… I got no problem oploading some stuff of some asks for it, I got cable, I can set up an ftp server for a few hours…


jezus, won’t even take a small risk of losing a guilder for a cd with a trade…?