Im looking for firmware for Sony DVD RW DW-Q30A thanks

im having a very tough time trying to search for this…please help me tanks.


There is none.

Ha Ha…
LiteON 1635S = SONY DW-Q30

You can use FlashFix + UPX to patch the firmware for 1635S
before flash the firmware,be sure to backup the DW-Q30’s firmware
you can use LtnFW or MTKFlash to backup the firmware.
MTKWinFlash is not so good at this.

Make your homework. Without crossflashing this isn’t usable, and still, there is NO FIRMWARE for the SONY!


You can use FlashFix + UPX to patch the firmware for 1635S…
So,make your honmwork,too.

Sorry, but you don’t get the point.

Also, what should “honmwork” be???

Available here (YYS2):

Code King, what does this flash accomplish for a new DW-Q30 drive? What are the improvements?

Ryan K.

Ryan K, it’s hard to say as no change log is provided. It would probably have burn quality improvements, bug fixes and match more media. If your drive has YYS1 then I would say that you would be wise to upgrade, but make a backup of you current firmware first, just in case (see the firmware tool in the FAQ).


I seem to be having a problem burning -R DL on this burner.
My Nero reads that it has +/- R, but only +R9 DL. I didn’t see a -R DL and I have a -R DL dvd media. Is my Q30A a defect? Or is there submodels that do not have this feature? and btw, I’ve already updated my firmware to YYS2.


Update your Nero.

This burner can burn -R DL at 4x max.

SHW-1635S (16x+R, 8x+RW, 8x+R9, 16x-R, 6x-RW, 4x-R9)
LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-1635S Firmwares:, official, codeguys


Can the Q30A not burn -R9 :confused:, because the 1635S can.

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If the Q30A doesn’t support -R9 then you can crossflash your drive to a 1635S, which does, but this will void your warranty.

where can i find firmware for my sony rw dw -q30a

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See this thread, second post: :wink:

my dw q30a has yys4 is it better to have yys2 or a waste of time

Not much point in going backwards. Why not upgrade to YYS6 that C0deKing’s link will point you to.

I have a slight problem. My DW-Q30A continually failed to burn onto maxell DVD-R 8x media. Each and every burn would fail on two of these drives. The same media has been working flawlessly with another burner. I recieved no errors during or after the burn, the discs simply would not recognize.

I determined that this must be a firmware issue and went hunting for updated firmware. I found no updated firmware but read in a couple places that this drive was compatible with the Lite-On SHW-160P6S. After flashing the drive with that firmware the aforementioned media works just fine. However, now I am trying to burn Verbatim DVD+R DL media and the drive sees this media as CD-R media!

After reading this thread it appears that there is newer sony firmware for this drive and it also appears that the Lite-On version is the 1635S not the 160P6S. The problem is that I have downloaded both of these firmwares and neither one will allow me to overwrite the 160P6S firmware. I tried to use flashfix but I can’t even figure out where it lets me specify what drive to flash. If I drop an exe onto it then flashfix says it fails to open the file and if I drop the raw bin it simply exits without any message.

There has to be some way to tell the flasher exe to ignore the drive ID and flash anyway!

Nevermind. the problem was with nero. After plugging in my other DW-Q30A with the stock firmware I saw the same problem. Then I downloaded and checked with neroinfo tool and it showed the disc as the correct type in both drives. So I downloaded the 6.6 update for nero and the disc detects correctly as a DVD+R DL instead of a CD-R.

Are there any downsides to using the 160P6S firmware instead of the stock firmware or 1635S firmware? Everything seems to be working just fine so far and poking around the website shows this to be a 6th generation firmware where the others are 5th generation firmware. Does that make a difference?

Wow, shaitland, you’re very lucky your drive survived that crossflash. 5S and 6S are different generation drives (using different hardware components) and shouldn’t be crossflashed. Can you post a Nero CD DVD Speed “Disc Quality” scan from one of your burns with that “bastard” drive (see Programs -> Nero -> Nero Toolkit)?

Did you put Upx.exe in the same folder as Flashfix.exe? You can also try flashing back with already flashfixed firmwares from (which your 160P6S firmware must have been as well, to allow you that crossflash).

Your Maxell DVD-R 8x media is likely to be made by Ritek Taiwan and you should avoid them (for important stuff or long term storage anyway).

Okay, here are a couple quality scans of the same disc, one scanned in the bastard drive (which I had updated to the latest version of the 160 firmware AFTER initially crossflashing and the second scanned in a second identical drive running the latest version of the stock firmware). I have no idea what the results mean so please enlighten me. :wink:

P.S. This burn is on that maxell media I referred to earlier and does appear to be Ritek.