I'm looking for a new webcam


I’m looking for a new webcam and have looked around. Was originally going to get the Logictech Quickcam Sphere but came across this. Thought specs like this is too good to be true for that price and I can’t find the maker’s name.

What do yo think of that? I’m getting a new computer soon so I thought that a webcam may be a good addition, but a decent one because the last one I bought wasn’t great (though that was 4-5 years ago IIRC).

Any help greatfully appreciated.

I see your question has not been answered yet.
I don’t know much about webcams but most of them are made for 640x480 resolution last time I checked. Seeing this cam is at 1280x960 that is good resolution for video capture. Although you can never be too sure about the quality regardless of the specifications they give you. I would say stick to a well known brand that has a warranty. Buying anything cheap is just that, cheap. If it breaks you will have no warranty if it doesn’t work properly you will have not technical support if you don’t know how to troubleshoot problems yourself. Anything over 640x480 resolution would be great.

Yeah. The seller hasn’t answered my question and the listing has expired. But I figured it is software enhanced resolution as other webcams have thgis ability but are advertised as 1.3M pixels such as Logitech, which I may end up going with.

i use one of these http://www.p4c.philips.com/files/s/spc900nc_00/spc900nc_00_pss_eng.pdf it works a treat a lot better than the logitech i had before which at the time was ment to be the top one