I'm looking for a device to automate the cd ripping process



Hi hope somebody could give me some advice,
I’m looking for a device to help me automate my cd ripping process. I have a large cd music collection that I want to rip to mp3. I’ve been using DB Power Amp and my home pc with a single drive but I have had trouble trying to find a reasonably priced automated gadget to help with the rippinbg process. There must be something out there that I can load up with a stack of cd’s, kick off the ripping process and come back to a pile of mp3’s on my computer.

Any body got any ideas?


More drives and multiple instances of CDEx?


I don’t really have space i the pc for multiple drives, and was looking for a desktop device


Well Google led me to this thread over @ dBPoweramps forum: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=13598