I'm looking at getting a 1650 or 1655, but I have a few questions

I’m looking to replace my BTC 1016IM, just because I am having problems bitsetting with it, and I need to be able to count on my burner to put DVD-ROM as the Book Type on my DVD+R DL’s.

So, I’m looking at either the BenQ DW1650 or 1655. Would either one of these be a good choice? I’m leaning towards the 1655, because the Lightscribe feature has always intrigued me, and I’ve never had one. I probably wouldn’t use it much, but I think I’d end up being sorry if I didn’t get it.

My main concern is the bitsetting, or “Book Type”, whatever you want to call it. Are these the kind of drives that you can set the default book type, and never have to do it again? And is it easy to do, like could I just use that option in DVDDecrypter for BenQ in the Book Type option area?

Thanks for any responses…I want to get this sorted out so I can order the drive and get it on the way…I have a huge project of transfering old vhs home movies to DVD, and I want to get started right away. :smiley:

Yes, you can set the booktype and the drive will remember it.

Yes, there the perfect drives. I also would choose the 1655 over the 1650 just by a small margin I think.

It comes default set to booktype, and you’ll never have to worry about it.

And your drive will produce way better quality discs then your other one.

Good Luck Storm~

I agree plus 1655 comes with DVD-RAM capabilty with is handy tools if you ever try to use DVD-RAM disc.

the 1655 does NOT have DVD-RAM


The only BenQ to support DVD-RAM (either read or write) is the 1670, which is not yet available in the west (except for the Sony 820 rebadge).

As for the 1655 being better regarding burn quality than the 1650, even taking into account the subtle differences in firmware, I beleive this to be pure conjecture.

IMO LightScribe is a waste of time and money. The “print” quality isn’t all that, and the extra money for the media is just not worth it.

I would buy a 1650 and put the £5-10 you save towards a decent InkJet printer, as I have. :slight_smile: :iagree:

Hi :slight_smile:
I would consider the 1655 over the 1650 if getting only the one DVDRW. As you can see by my sig I have both.
The reasons for getting the 1655 are as follows.
1: It has all the features that one would want officially supported.ie bitsetting/overspeed etc.
2: Has LS capabilities. While it is currently true that printing is cheaper just. This will change as LS media becomes more widely available. Even if it doesn’t the costs of printing ie ink & to get the best the new ‘shiny’ surface Verbatim mean cost will be at least the same if not more for printed disc. Although full colour, this needs further treatment/cost to be waterproof. Not sure why you’d go surfing with your discs though. :bigsmile:
3: If/when trading in or selling the LS feature could be a selling point.
BTW (TCAS) No RAM (see infotool), but does support bitsetting (see QSuite)

Sorry you are correct I meant LightScribe not DVD-RAM.

I have a question as wel for u guys…
I still own my last years bought DW1620 (although RMA replaced one) and it still works flawlessly and good burns too…
I only use Verbatim DVD’s (+ and -) as blanks :slight_smile:

Now if I decide to replace my DW1620, should I decide for a 1650 or a 1655 ??? or even a 1640 ??? provided I can still find one here in Netherlands, Belguim or Germany…

LS functionality does not interest me much, do not use it as I think I will…
I will give my trustworthy DW1620 to my mum’s PC, so that she has a DVD burner :wink:

Or better yet and wait for the Trio Writer BW1000 which will use a Philips chipset, as described here:
and more info even here:

So what do you recommend is best option for me to do ? :slight_smile:

If prices are similar, go for DW1655. If you want to save a little, go for DW1650.

Thanks for everyones opinions! I decided to go with the 1655, and UPS dropped it off today.

I ordered the OEM from Newegg, so it didn’t come with any software or anything. Can anyone tell me how to figure out which firmware version the drive has? I want it to have the newest firmware, but I’m not sure how to find out which version it already has…


I’m assuming that you are from the US. If so here’s a link to the US version of Benq’s site http://www.benq.us/ServiceAndSupport/Drivers/drivers.cfm?product=816

Here it’s got the Qsuite software that would have been with the retail version of the drive, plus a firmware checking utility and firmware update if necessary. :slight_smile:

Have you already installed the drive into your pc? If not look at the back of the drive on the sticker you should see the firmware. You could download cd/dvd speed, dvdinfo pro, dvd identifier or disc info to find out what firmware your 1655 has. Do a search in google or go to www.videohelp.com website and look for it under the tools section.

Hi :slight_smile:
Try this Firmware check. BenQs own tool.
Also download QSuite 2.1 & manual from links in my sig.

I looked on the drive, and also I used the Firmware Check program, and my firmware is BCGB. But now I see that there is a BCHB available for download…would it be worth it for me to update to that, or am I good with it the way it is?

I have the 1655. It was an OEM factory replacement from my 1625, which the LS feature went bad after 3 labels. My 1655 has been very reliable and I have blogged about all my burnings (see link below).

The firmware it came with is BCDB, and it works fine.

As a general rule, I don’t recommend flashing/ updating to newer versions unless something doesn’t work (why fix it, if it ain’t broke?) Alot of times newer versions have more bugs than older ones.

I have a blogsite about the BenQ 1655 below, and update my results. I just burned my first 8.5 DL DVD with it, and it plays on some of my stand alone DVD players. The booktype setting was on DVD-ROM, and the DL DVD blank was +R. Interesting, it didn’t play on my portable Mintek DVD player. I have a Lennox Sound DVD player, which skipped when playing it (I think as it got to the second layer). And I have a NextBase 9000, which played it flawlessly. I don’t know if I changed the BookType back to +R, if my stand-alone DVD players would play it. Probably the portable Mintek would play it fine, but my other two stand-alone players are not able to play +R type DVDs(these are older models). Can anyone expand on this?

Thanks a bunch! Wade
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Hi :slight_smile:
Try it out as it is first. If BCGB gives the results you’d expect with the media your using stick with it.
The latest f/w seems to give a wide variety of results & is certainly picky. I believe that this f/ws SB algorithm has been changed/improved. This is pure speculation by me at present. But the learning process appears to take a bit longer to get to the sort of improvement seen in earlier f/w. It is also less tolerant of rogue discs, throwing SB off track easier/further. This results in lower consistancy with media than one has come to expect. I know that Philips SB algorithm has been ‘improved’. It seems logical that BenQ would follow suit.

Ok, thanks for the info. I burned a SL DVD today, and then did a scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed. I posted the scan in the 1655 SL Scan thread. My old drive didn’t support scans, so I have no idea what is good and what is bad in a scan, although it got a “quality score” of 97, so I assuming that’s good.

I guess I’ll do a few more burns over the weekend and see what I come up with.