I'm lookin' for these games... I got $$$

I’m currently looking for the full version (no copied games, please) of:

  • No One Lives Forever
  • Diablo II
  • Quake III Arena

If you have any of these games, please contact me. I’m putting up $20.00 for each game. Why that cheap? Because I’m just asking for a slightly used (or working) CD game.


  • The game must be in FULL-WORKING condition.
  • I can only pay by cash thru mail.
  • The CD-key that comes with the game should not be used by anybody else

If you still have any questions, please contact me by ICQ:

Well since you’re a newbie I will tell you this: It is not allowed to advertise or request games on this forum. If you need any goto:

NO copied games? then buy the original. Aned Sies is right.