I'm leaving.... or am I?



From this post by DoMiN8ToR .


[QUOTE=cholla;2724531]That being said. I know I sometimes push the forum rules to the limit & past. That will still happen occassionally.

This will be my last post on the forum for the time being.
Maybe permanantly . I haven’t came to a full decision on that yet.
I guess that will be known if decide to participate again.
For now I’ve had enough .


Im my opinion I believe Cholla was honestly trying to give his advice, I for one was interested in his information, do not see where he was out of line , just my opinion.


When I wrote that, it didn’t mean we don’t have the right to moderate posts (which includes edits and deletes).

I’ll close this thread at I don’t think it’s much constructive. Moderator decisons can be appealed to admins and eventually to senior admins / me. No need to continue a ‘quest for justice’ on the boards.

We try to be fair and transparent and try to allow as much as possible but sometimes we make a decision because we think it’s for the best of the forum.

I understand it’s not ‘fun’ to have posts edited or deleted but it can happen. We’ll try to limit that as much as possible and don’t make decisions to do so easily. But if it happens and you’ve appealed then it’s up to the individual user on how to continue and l don’t think we should discuss that in depth.