I'm kinda lost


not sure if this deserves a seperate thread, but I didn’t find where to post this, so here it goes.

With all the recent firmware releases I feel lost… it was so much easier before: CodeGods released GSC2 (US0N), it worked great, and I was so happy about it. But then came GS0K, US0Q, VS08, VS0A, and I have no idea which one to choose anymore! I don’t quite have enough blank media or time to go on and test them all :frowning:

So CodeGuys, which one do you personally use? What are the changes between them (except for, ofc, write strat changes)? Are they pretty similar, or perhaps some of them are better for -Rs, others for +Rs?

Please help me for I ain’t got a clue anymore :frowning:

I suppose you have a 451s/851s right? Then you should only use firmwares for 451s/851s. However, you can also use 832s firmware (latest VS0A). Just forget the other firmwares, cos they arent designed for you drive. On Code’s and dch’s site, firmwares are sorted by their release date and for what model they are.


Yes I have 851s. All the firmwares I listed work for 851s - GSC2 was made out of US0N, GS0K is original 851s firmware, US0Q was also made to work for 851s by CodeGuys, VS08 and VS0A work when patched for _51@832…

Here are the non-51S firmwares that have been patched to work for the 51S…

UYS1 (GSU1) (veeeeeery old)

…and here are the “good” 51S firmwares…


US0Q is based off of VS0A, so you can pretty much eliminate that option. As for the official 51S firmwares, GSB9 is based on GS0K, so you can eliminate that option, too.

So of these many ( :eek: ) choices. I’d personally rank the firmwares in this order: VS0A (that’s what I use right now), followed by US0N, GS0K, and GS0F. Of course, your results may vary.

Aha… were there any “general” changes between VS08 and VS0A? Like I dunno, general tweaks or whatever;) Or was it only strat changes (in which case it wouldnt be that important for me, cause I’m mostly using OptoDisc 0R4 which I bet they wont touch, and some bulk -Rs which aren’t even present in firmware :frowning: )

I have no idea. That’s something that only LiteOn’s firmware team knows and that you can find out by testing. With VS0A firmware taking up over 700 thousand lines of disassembly code, poking around the firmware to see what has been changes is not something that would be worth our time. Only the obvious differences (like VS0A supporting about 10 new media codes, including the fresh new RITEK +R DL) are what we could tell you.

Well I just thought you had worked out a technology to see the changes, eg doing binary compare of files, taking offsets, and only disassembling the matching addresses :slight_smile: then again, if there are 50k worth of changes, that won’t help either :slight_smile: