I'm killing my Pioneer 111 with software 2nd time

I’m not the only one to kill Pioneer 111 trying to burn CDAudio. A new post on the Russian forum - http://forum.ixbt.com/topic.cgi?id=31:23091-47#1562
Here is my translation:
“I wanted to listen SA-CD and tried to burn cue+flac with Nero A lot of errors was shown. After I’ve rebooted my computer Pioneer was dead. So burrnn is not guilty, the Pioneer is the reason”.
This is the only post of a new member, of coarse he is wrong about SACD. Probably he’ll answer my question on the media he used.

And here is the thread on CDFreaks - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=212836 with the same problem!

Logic from Russian forum used verbatim cdrw media and TDB firmware 8.26 (Buffalo-Internal).

That is TOO LESS info to judge about either the drive, software or user as the troublemaker.

At least [B]Logic[/B](Russian forum). me, [B]Mindbomb[/B], [B]Tristyn[/B] (CDFreaks members) killed their drives trying to burn CDAudio on Pioneer 111. In the first 2 cases the media was CDRW. I’ve asked CDFreaks members a question on media in here - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=212836

There is no info which exact softwares were used in each case, also no info about the size of the content, the burnspeed etc etc.

Unless that is clear, it can be a problem from something else beside the drive, I’m sure.

IMHO, I cannot believe that any burning program could kill a drive! As far as I understand, a burning program usually does not access the drive’s commands on a hardware but on a software level (ie. ASPI driver). If there were “illegal” commands, the ASPI driver would catch it (or you would get way more broken drives than the few that are mentioned here). I truly think it’s a coincidence that people were burning audio discs and the drive broke down at that point in time. I know it’s tough luck, but considering the hundreds of thousands of drives sold, this is definitely not an improbability.


[B]Capt_KA[/B] It may be a coincidence. I cannot believe it, but it happened. Probably burning Mode2/XA on a CDRW media that was burned before in Mode1 and quick erased can sometime kill Pioneer 111. We’ll see, probably somebody will report more “coincidence” :wink:
Everyone with Pioneer 111 can check this theory. If you have this drive - you can check it.

That’s a good point. We have a broad user base here, so let’s see if we can more empirical data – that is if anyone is willing to be the guinea pig LOL.

Here is another post on the problem (in Russian) http://forum.ixbt.com/topic.cgi?id=31:23091-48#1603
The author of the post used EAC to burn AudioCD on Pioneer 111D. The burning stoped in few seconds. The burner was dismantled and the laser head was melted. The author of the post has burned several handreds of AudioCD on Pio111D using Roxio Easy CD Creator. EAC was used to burn on a different burner on the system before.
Probably some combination of software, pio firmware, cd/cdrw media does kill pioneer when burning AudioCD.

Dude, if someone wanted to kill a drive a hammer were easier… Not?!? :rolleyes:

Dude, if someone wanted to kill a drive a hammer were easier… Not?!?

Before using a hammer one can try to burn AudioCD :smiley:

Please do not :rolleyes:

You wanna force someone who has such a drive to make the steps you did and destroyed or damaged your drive. :confused:
What is wrong with you?

If you want a proof that this drive is able to burn AudioCD then just read few posts in this forum, there are more than enough about it…

I killed my DVR-111 a few days ago too. It happened when I tried to burn Audio CD (it was Verbatim CD-R) in EAC. The writing stopped with some error during the lead-in phase and after that the drive didn’t recognise any media - it didn’t even spin up. I’ve been using it for almost a year without any problems, burned lots of CDs/DVDs. This was the first time I tried to burn Audio CD with it…

Let me guess, RoyBatty is really another person who is already registered here.
I’ve seen such kiddieplay enough already and I’m sick of it.

I hope a mod can clear this up. Thanks. :confused: :rolleyes:

That’s enough of such accusations! If you have suspicions about improper behaviour, you can contact a moderator or admin privately! :cop:

Your accusation is false BTW.

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I just wanted to share my experience with cdfreaks (which is the best burning-related website in my eyes) members…


If you want a proof that this drive is able to burn AudioCD then just read few posts in this forum

I know - this drive can burn AudioCD. My son burned a lot of AudioCD with Pio111D on his own decktop. But there is probably some combination of burning software, system drivers, drive firmware, media… that destoys the drive when burning AudioCD.
I do not say pio is a bad drive. I’ve bought Liteon LH-18A1P to replace Pio111. In the newer system I use Pio112.

Probably trying to burn CDAudio with CD-Text using cdrdao based software is causing the problem. This is another guess, surely a wrong one.

Okay, then sorry RoyBatty.

I’ve seen such silly games often enough, therefore this post.

Also, IMO, such stupid posts like that one from nickyboy4 should be deleted.
[B]WHY should anyone else damage its own drive just because nickyboy wants a prove that he wrecked his drive the “right way”?
That is just ridiculous.

After attempt of record in program Extract Audio Copy, Pioneer 111D does not see disks and does not twist a disk.
The program has spoiled a drive.
It is possible to make full dump of a drive? Or the drive has died.
What ideas will be