I'm Hi-Jack'ing CD Freaks now too



It’s kind of weird launching a post upon yourself but then again, I was invited to do so after signing up so here it is. I’m an old boring guy with a clear view of what I want from media entertainment and storage solutions and few years ago, I was crazy enough to engage in launching a site for me and some friends. The hobby grew out of propoertions leading to what the site is today, one of Europe’s dedictated portals for networked mediat entertainment players and storage.

I have a job besides my “hobby” as a Senior ICT Engineer at JnJ Pharmaceuticals Belgium, being responsible for anything that concerns lab PC equipment and solutions. Tough job but I like challenges and challenge others which places me again in a good position to discuss with leading manufacturars.

Anyway… I enjoyed CD Freaks over the years as a guideline through the CD jungle but never signed up as I lack time being active anywhere else but found myself lately commenting on posts concerning media players and Blu-ray, copyright stories and so on. So i registered now…

Hop to find some good discussions up here over time and see “how much of friends” we can become. After all, we all do a lot of work in the end to provide some info for you as a consumer and offer places to discuss.

Way to go CD Freaks.
By the way, the “hi-jacking” refers to my name only :slight_smile:



Yo hello jack-

Welcome to our world (started - by the way - in the Netherlands)-eh!!


Hi Jack!
/me ducks & hopes security didn’t notice …


[QUOTE=debro;2054557]Hi Jack!
/me ducks & hopes security didn’t notice …[/QUOTE]


You have to excuse him Jack - he’s from Oz - and [I]hops[/I] to a different drummer - if ya know what I mean-eh?? :rolleyes: