Im having trouble with my pioneer dvd burner

theres like so many different things screwed up lol… i tried to copy my movies that i borrowed and the only ting that comes up on the tv is the menu and then on some of them nothing at all… i bought a few movies of some guy over the internet there all good but when i copy them for a friend they screw up :@ just skip and they dont have a protection code on them so i dont know whats happening… im using clone dvd and anydvd and that screwed up so i tried nero and then it doesnt write anything on the disc and now its saying my disc (4.7gig) is to small never had a problem like that before… please help ive been on this site for ages and found nothing… i dont know how to find my dvd burners code or what ever… im so feeble so help lol thanks…

Questions for you

  1. are you copying to the hard drive first?
  2. what blank discs are you using?
  3. what speed are you burning your discs?

Try this:

  1. leave anydvd running
  2. get dvd decrypter and copy the disc to your HD in file mode.
  3. test the rip to make sure it’s a good rip with powerdvd or VLC player.
  4. if you’re using Memorex dvds, stop. Pick a different brand, get verbatims or sonys.
    5.Burn the disc with nero at 8x max. If you burn too fast you probably will get skips and freezes on crappy dvds.
  5. relax and look at these guides here

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thanks sikoone for actually helping … cause i have been buying cheapo discs and burning them at maximum? you say slower ay? and i dont know how to make sure if its a successful rip im gonna read everything you gave me info on carefully thanks heaps

i dont get this though…
2. get dvd decrypter and copy the disc to your HD in file mode.
i dont know how to get dvd decryter and i dont know what HD is or hot to make is file mod i would like to know though :stuck_out_tongue: