I'm Having Trouble With My Dvd burner ! =[

Ah, right so here we go.
I have a Dell Dimension E520 w/ upgrades .
It comes stock with a TSSTcorp DVD±RW TS-H553A

A couple months ago, about, two, or a little less, it just stopped working. Out of nowhere. I was on a pack of dvd’s I had boiught a couple weeks prior. I used them before.

Basically, my problem is, when I put in a BLANK dvd, it’s not dected. if I double click on my drive, it tells me to “Please insert a disc into slot E:”. Same with cd’s.
I’ve reformatted two (ish) times since then, in hope of it being software problems, but nothing. I installes, nero, and a CyberLink program, and they didn’t detect anything. If I put something in there, like a dvd with stuff on it, it comes up fine, or even a movie dvd, it all plays right. but it’s pissing me off because I have a lot of stuff to back up, and gotta jump drive it to my laptop.

Basically in Short:
My burner just stopped working for BLANK dvds. it don’t detect them
It works for cds/dvds with stuff on it. movie dvd’s included.
Can’t burn anything !

Any help is appreciated ! Thanks in advance

    • Alex. .lg.Aro

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also, I’m pretty sure I put this in the wrong forum. sorry, I was in a rush to get this out there !

Is a proper burning app NOW installed?

Clean the drive maybe.

How do I clean it ?
And not at the moment. If i install a proper burning program it still does not detect a disc.


Either use a cleaning disc or open up the drive and use a qtip with isopropanol .