I'm having trouble with my burned CDs

Alright. I dont know what kind of burner I have. I just know it’s the one that came in my computer when I bought it. I have a laptop. It has Windows XP, and I’ve had it for almost 4 years now. When burning CDs, I’ve never had a problem with the playback. Whatever I burn usually plays well. Lately though, I’ve been having some issues.

In my car CD player, I can put a burned CD in the player, and it will either not read it, or I have to take it out and insert it back in a few times before it finally works. At first, I was thinking it was just the CDs, but now it’s all my burned CDs, more so the newer ones than the older ones. Then I thought it was the car, but…I dunno.

If I put a CD in my mom’s car, it plays fine to begin with, then, by about track 5, it starts to sound like there is static on my CD. This past weekend I played a burned CD of my friend’s, and it played fine. But when I put mine in, static started coming from it.

I have some small issues in the home CD player…a little skipping, but other than that, it isnt too bad. Mainly in my car and my mom’s car. I did put a CD in our new DVD/CD player that we got for Christmas, and I’m pretty sure it played OK.

I dont know if it’s the CDs, my computer…who knows! I love music and burning CDs (legally of course :slight_smile: ) but I dont want to burn another CD and not know whether it’s going to play or not.

Do burners go out with time? Is it the program I’m using? I use iTunes to burn my CDs, and occasionally Windows Media Player. Any help would be awesome! Thanks so much! -Brittany

You need to burn them slower, 16x or 24x for CD (audio) is okay.

@ seremela05,

Apple iTunes Software Program is a known extremely buggy Software Program. There are numerous other viable alternatives ->


Also suggest visiting the CD Freaks General Software Read First posting titled “Free Downloads” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f3/free-downloads-your-welcome-128075) under ‘CD/DVD Burning” and obtain one of those software programs.

Besides the well-documented problems with the Apple iTunes Software Program your problem could be caused by the use of poor quality problematic blank CD Media you used to record your CDs. Playback ‘skipping’ problems are usually is caused the use of poor quality problematic blank Media.

Ensure that you are only using known proven high quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media which has a proven well-document track history of producing quality error free results.

Also as suggested by Forum Member chef don’t burn your CD Media at maximum speed but use a slower speed (24x/16x speed).


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I’m going to assume you’re using the drive built into the laptop to write. If this is the case, then your maximum CD write speed might be 24x, and I’d just suggest to use 16x or so.

I’d note that neither iTunes nor Windows Media Player make it easy to select a specific speed, and simply for that reason I use other software when possible [as bjkg above suggests].

Also, what brand of CD-R are you using to create the discs?

And what disc writer [CD burner] is installed? iTunes tells you either when you go to burn [latest version of iTunes] or in the Preferences relating to creating CDs [versions of iTunes before version 8 or so].