I'm having trouble using DVDXCOPY with my PX-708A!


This problem has troubled me for quite some time. Let me try to describe the problem: I CAN’T SEEM TO COPY MY DVDS WITH DVDXCOPY USING PX-708A!!! I mean, everything appears to be fine, but after it tells me that the copy is complete, I put the newly copied DVD into ANY DVD players and it’ll start lagging like crazy. The sound goes on and off, on and off, on and off. My cursor (selector) won’t appear, and it just lags or freezes. In other words, IT FAILS! I’ve wasted more than 20 DVD+R discs now, and only had 2 successful copy - America Idol 1st Season & the movie “Identity”. What’s wrong? Why can’t I burn movies?? I’m frustrated!!!

Hi ahbwizai, welcome to the forum!

When you use other software, is the problem solved or is it still there? If it’s solved with other software then I would think the problem is related to the DVDXCopy software. If not, then there’s something wrong with your setup. Please report back.

Hi, I’ve considered that possibility too, but the problem is… what other software besides DVDXCOPY can I use that achieves the same purpose with original quality? I don’t know what else can I use… and I also use NERO 6 and when it failed on me too I sort of blamed it all on the PX-708A… of course I already saw in other threads that it’s actually NERO 6 that has problems… but still, why can’t DVDXCOPY work?? And after paying closer attention to my failed DVDs, I also noticed that the everything is actually smooth and nice BEFORE the menu. As soon as the menu appears, my cursor (selector) is disabled and sound goes on and off and the pictures is breaking apart… but those “WARNER BRO. HOME VIDEO” title sequence or “NEW LINE CINEMA” title sequence runs beautifully… sigh, any ideas??

An other usefull prog for backingup video dvd could be clonedvd icw anydvd.
You could also use instantcopy7 or 8 icw dvddecrypter or smartripper or dvd2one or some other rippingprog.
Only i think nero is simpler in using.

CloneDVD, i think is a real easy to use dvdbackup prog.
Just put in the dvd you want to copy en select the stuff youwant to add. check out this link http://doom9.org/index.html?/mpg/CloneDVD.htm

Maybe its something for you.


DVDXCOPY can divide a DVD movie into two DVDRs nicely… can others do that? I don’t want to compress the qualities to fit onto one DVDR. I want the originial quality of the DVD movie I wanna backup… and NERO can copy DVD movies too? I didn’t know that… how would I do that with NERO 6?