I'm having trouble understanding all of this and I am a NEWBIE!

I am just having trouble figuring out how to transfer everything from my old sony viao running windows me to my new sony viao running windows xp pro, transfer wizard on the new box asks for a transfer wizard disk, but does not say how or where to create it… My old me computer won’t tell me how to create a cd, that is I guess you have to find a simple program just to configure a cd to just get that to that point where I could use the configured cd in the old computer to transfer files onto the new viao xp drive, I am really sorry that I had waited six years to get a new computer, but that sony viao worked so great for so long I guess I just got lazy… this is probably hopeless, but any help would be appreciated, I really am a tired newbie, I can’t understand most of what are posted on these threads

Best thing to do is to burn to a cd or dvd if you have a burner.

If not I will guess that they both have netowrk adapters in them. Get some cable and hook them together.

Failing both of those invert in a USB pen and copy to and from.

Hope that helps.

Take the old drive out and slave it to the new box. Then transfer the files you want.

Maybe you should check out these freeware programs that will allow you to sync 2 folders. There are a lot of them so hopefully you can find something that will help you. http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/system/fwbackup.html