Im having trouble burning game whit clone cd



I did downloaded diablo 2 whit the expansion… I started burning the cd whit nti cd maker. when i done the 4 cd i noticed that the cd have been burned wrong. Now i have tryed clone cd dled the profille added them into profille section when i restart clone cd it seems i cant use securom wich the read me file recomend to use( the one i got from the game i dled), i can’t se it in the menu. Any clues about this?

Im confuse because i never worked whit clone cd before and i never did thing like that.

thak you



Since you downloaded (i.e. don’t own the game), we really can’t help you. This is a warez free forum. :cop: Please read the forum rules that you agreed to when you joined the forum.

[Note: The starting point for using CloneCD is to use the Game CD profile.]