I'm having some problems with my new 3500a

I’m on a mac powerbook, with a 3500a in an external enclosure.
Flashed it with Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3500 firmware, and burnt a DVD using mactheripper, dvd2onex, and toast. Movie works fine in powerbook and two standalone DVD drives I tested it in.

I used necflash to change the booktype to DVD-ROM to increase compatibility.

I tried to make a copy of the burnt DVD with toast but it does not see the DVD, i tried putting it in both my superdrive and the 3500a, but toast doesnt see it when im in copy mode. If I select “data” instead of “copy” then I can drag the files from the DVD to toast and it sees the files, so I guess I could make a copy that way. But its odd that toast wont let me “copy” the dvd.

I put in a burnt DVD that someone burned for me awhile back with a different burner, and toast could see it when i was in copy mode.

Anyone have any ideas what may be wrong?

Does changing booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM with binflash make it so that all future DVD+R’s burnt will have a booktype of DVD-ROM, or does it set the booktype of the DVD+R that is currently in the drive to DVD-ROM? If it is the first case, is there a program (for mac) that can change the booktype of an DVD that is already burnt?