I'm having problems with my PC's primary DVD/CD drive - choppy playback, etc

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a new computer about seven months ago and it’s been working great. It has two CD/DVD drives, one which has DVD-write capabilities and the other of which can playback CDs and DVDs but can’t burn DVDs. (This one is the primary drive.)

About three or four months ago I began to notice that when I tried to playback DVDs the video would appear to be very “choppy” and didn’t flow naturally anymore.

Tonight I tried to play a Bob Dylan CD through the drive itself (which I don’t normally do - usually I just listen to MP3s off the hard drive). The audio playback was - just as with the DVD player - quite choppy. It would flow smoothly for a few seconds and then start getting choppy again.

The other drive works fine. I have played CDs and DVDs in the DVD-R drive and they work great. But the primary drive can’t playback any audio or video, apparently, without the results being choppy.

Any ideas on what might be causing this? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve already enabled one of the CD drive functions that was recommended to me by someone else… I forget what it’s called, DMA I believe, or something like that. It was already enabled, so that’s not the problem.

If the other drive works fine, and UDMA is enabled for both drives, I would suspect the drive. Numerous people have had new or like new drives fail.

have you checked your processor fan it might be blocked and not cooling properly causing your processor too run to hot. I had this problem with mine cleaned it out and back too normal

That’s a good idea, my computer is inside a PC desk (one of those with the doors that swing open) which doesn’t allow much circulation so it may just be that the fan needs more room out the back. I’ll check it out, thanks for the suggestion.