I'm having problems burning tv shows to dvd please help!

i’ve recorded a whole bunch of movies off of movie central onto my hard drive on my cable box. i have a stand alone dvd burner under my tv. so when i try to burn these movies to dvd i get a message saying that i can’t because these movies are copy protected. but they shouldn’t be because i pay for them every month on my cable bill. any help would be appreciated.

You are allowed to view them and paid for that, but not for copying them.

but i can burn anything i want off of nework tv. wouldn’t that be the same?

Pm That is what they are still trying to sort out in the courts. I think It will take a long time. My personal view is that this entire process has gotten so way out of hand. Not a day goes by without reading something about it somewhere. The problem is people are not willing to wait for ever so they go off on their merry way and find it other places. It’s the gasolene they keep throwing on the fire.

Sorry, but you are trapped by their art of contolling like all other customers…
DRM and that crap. :frowning:

Wellcome to Wonderland!!!
Yes, you got used to record TV shows from the air…but times are changing and the day will come you will have to pay for each time you wanna see a show…even if it is in your box’s HDD.
Record to a topset? If it has got the flag…no way!!!
We are buying these recorders, called by marketing that says “record your favorit TV shows with DVD quality”…and the “onwners of the shows” just though…no way…we can make a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from these ####, that believed they could record as promised by the recorders manufacturers…poor little ducks, you get it but you pay us instead!!!
No matter how old, how bad the stuff is…even if they will broadcast it once a week…you pay for the privilege!