I'm having a problem with my Lite-On SOHW-1633S

This dvd burner is my very first dvd burner. I just got it in the mail yesterday (from newegg), first thing I did was update to the latest firemware (nonhacked) BS0K.

I used a previous version of nero; don’t remember what version number but it was nero 6. I didn’t uninstall to remove any of the previous settings from my cd burner (didn’t think about it).

But I used the nero dvd template for DVD-ROM (ISO). I selected my the files I wanted to burn and things looked good for about a minute or so. Once it got to 5% it gave me a blue screen of death. Following error… Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area stop: 0x0000050 (0xef0464d2, 0x00000001, 0x8054105b, 0x00000002)…I reboot, and do a simulation burn, it crashes again. Shutdown, and I put my burner on slave, thinking maybe that might help even though it’s the only thing connected to that IDE connector.

I uninstall nero and I install a fresh new updated version and try again on simulation. Crashes. But the funny thing now is, I don’t have any type of error that is shown on the blue screen of death. It does mention something about disc space, and when I saw that I edited the settings on nero to move the cache to a drive with more disc space. It still gives me the bluescreen of death.

I also tried to watch a dvd in WinDVD and it doesn’t even read the disc, it tries but it just stalls the program and I gotta exit the disc and ctrl,alt,del the program away. Powerdvd works fine.

So I was wondering if anyone knows whats wrong.

Should I reinstall windows xp pro (which I’ve been thinkin about doing anyway).
How much space should I have if I want to burn a dvd.
Is it bad hardware?
Bad HD(s)?
Bad Media (legacy 4.7 DVD-R 4x), I’m not rich so I can’t just go and buy media to test.
Bad IDE cables?

P.S. I have 1.2 gigs of ram.

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Sounds like a system and media problem to me. Please supply more system specs and the media code of your discs.

Try reinstalling windows xp. It can be related to windows, but i guess it might be something else too. Test the dvdburner in another computer, then you know for sure.

The media code for the discs is GSC001

um specs.

Windows Xp Pro with SP1
1.2 gigs of ram
1ghz amd thundbird
Dunno what else to provide let me know though.

Let me guess, a buggy VIA KT133 chipset ? Post the output of nero infotool.

Since it’s kinda long I set it up as an attach file. :slight_smile:

first thing i would do is put the dvd burner on primary IDE as master… and HDD on seconddary as master… or vise versa… but make sure they are on their own channel… I have this drive as well… works like a charm… VIA chipset also… also make sure you have the via 4in1 drivers loaded… i didnt look close enough to see if you have… do a google to find them if you havent loaded.

The first thing you should do is replace you ASPI driver with 4.60.

If you have KProbe v2.3.0 or later installed you will find a folder in the windows folder call ForceASPI. If you don’t you can download it from here.

Open the folder and run the KILLASPI.BAT file, then run the INSTASPI.BAT and reboot. Stick with 4.60 as 4.71 has many issues.

I installed 4.60 and made a somewhat successful burn. Nero doesn’t want to close the disc. I don’t remember the error it gave at first but when I try to close it using Disc Info the error says “Unspecified Recording Error”

I did make a successful burn before installing 4.60. But it was only a total of 2 gigs.

Possibly a memory problem with your computer or it may be overheating … have you overclocked your CPU? Have you tested your memory? (because that’s the reason why I got that BSOD - I’ve had it before with generic memory) Error checked your hard disk? Usually these fix the problem.

I don’t overclock my stuff, didn’t test memory, and I did an error check not to long before the burn.

I do have something to test out the memory, but my a:\ isn’t workin the best and I think you can also burn it on a cd-r, thats kinda of a waste to me.

As I guessed before, your motherboard uses the buggy VIA Apollo KT133 chipset. Use the forum search function and you will see that you are not alone with these problems. Get a PCI IDE controller that supports ATAPI drives and your problem will be solved.

If you mean the pci ide latency patch, i’ve tried that before and it causes a huge problem with audio, and the sblive patch doesn’t work for me either that you can get if it causes an audio issue.

He means your mobo is way too old :slight_smile:

Well, I ment that the IDE controller has a known hardware bug.

Well guys I dunno if I did or not but I hope I found out a little solution to my problem.

On my 2nd burn which was successful, I burn about two gigs of random photos I had laying around I wanted to archive. Well the photos were on my C: Drive. Those went successful. My 3rd burn which was some-what of a success was on my F: drive (used to be d: before messing with it)

Well two things I found out about that. My F drive had two bent IDE pins (really dunno how that happened cuz I’m gentle with that. I unbent those, and hooked it up again. I messed with some of my bios settings and It told me that the ide cable is the wrong type 80 pen or needs an 80 or something like. Well So I figured it has to be with a really out of date IDE cable. The other ide cables are pretty new except that one, so it means I tossed out the wrong cable hehe.

So What I did is just moved the stuff I wanted to archive to my c:\ then I launched nero and let it fly without a simulation, and it burnt fine. So I really hope that this is one solution to my problem.

If so I want to thank you guys for your help. :slight_smile:

That means exactly the same :iagree: