I'm half way there - dvd authoring

Hi all.

I have 3 large mpg files on my hard drive and I have managed to burn one onto a dvd with Nero. I then burned the other two files but …

my dvd does not recognise the new ones (even though I can see they are on the disc in file manager). Now, my research suggests I should have ‘authored’ them and then burnt them together. So:

  • can you only burn a dvd once and once only
  • how do you author using Nero (I presume authoring is basically creating a nice menu for the dvd???)

thanks guys


If you’re talking about DVDs to play on a standard home theater setup, those DVDs don’t use MPG files–or rather, they do, but indirectly: all video data on DVDs is stored into VOB files.

Authoring DVDs is a tricky business: there are a dozen programs for newbies that will hand-hold you through creating menus and organizing your DVD structure. Ask around for the pros and cons of the various newbie-style DVD authoring programs. Most have their own limitations and frustrations. There’s a big trade-off between flexibility and ease-of-use, and I haven’t liked most of the ones I’ve tried so far…

I don’t remember the name of the Nero DVD Authoring program off-hand, but I don’t think it’s part of Burning ROM…

Not sure I understand your first question: if you’ve got your DVD authored on the hard drive, you can burn as many copies as you want.

unless it’s a re-writable dvd you can only burn to it once, , , or once at a time if you create a multi-session disc. but multi-session disc is NOT what you need.

suggest you try nero visionexpress. add your mpg files, make a menu and buttons or whatever…

So if I have say 3 large mpg files I can burn all of them onto a dvd disc on the first and only burn AND will be able to navigate to each of these files in the file manage of my dvd player?



That’s correct darrenh if you are burning to a dvd + or - r then it can only be burned to ONCE. If you are using a dvd + or - rw (rw meaning rewritable) than you basically can erase what you put on it and overwrite it.

As for burning mpeg files to DVD you will need to reauthor them . Nero vision express will do this as well as many other programs. I personally use “TMPGenc DVD author” to reauthor my mpegs. It has worked much better for me personally. You can get a trial version here to dl and try if you wish. http://www.pegasys-inc.com/en/download/tda16.html
No matter which program you use to reauthor , try reading the user’s manuals in the programs help menu. While a lot of programs help is poor, nero and TMPGenc both have thorough help available. good luck.