I'm Gonna throw it out the window - HELP

My pc plays mp3’s fine. It also rips from cd’s and encodes to mp3, fine.

So what doesn’t it do?

When it plays any dvd or cd the sound is jumpy. I have tried to play dvd’s on different programs with the same results.

Sony DVD RW DW-G120A
Creative X-Fi Extreme sound card

I have cleaned the laser head, put in new drivers for sound card and generally become very grumpy.

Any ideas?


Ady :a

I think you may try moving your dvd writer to a different computer and see if it still has the problem or not in other computer…So at least we can understand if the computer or the dvd writer has the problem…


Weird one this. I tried a different dvd in my pc and it had the same problem. However, when I reattached my original dvd, the problem had solved itself. Yes, it works again!!!

Sounds like It went into PIO mode then back to DMA. Seen this problem many times !