I'm going to smash my benq with a hammer

i don’t know if newegg is selling some lemons but i just got my 2nd from them and i have had nothing but problems with this thing.

after reading some stuff in the forum i tried several things.

i just went and bought a new case and power supply - nothing changed

tried a 80 pin ide - nothing changed

a friend let me borrow his sony dvd burner to test it out and it works great.

i’ve hook this drive up to 3 other computers now with the same results - nothing.

now the stupid door won’t even open :a

now checking again the green light won’t come on at all :frowning:

it worked great for the 1st day and then it was hit and miss the next couple days and now it’s just dead.

i really liked the burns i was getting but there is no point if it’s going to die on you within a week :confused:

well i’ve vented enough :a

now where did i put that hammer :iagree:

sorry to hear your 1620 died…rma it again and see what happens…i read somewhere a guy had 8 plextor 716a drives returned… :eek:

8!!! :eek:

now i know why most of the people around here carry several dvd burners and not just 1, like me :slight_smile:

This is one of the reasons they call this a hobby. I factored in at least one RMA when I bought the BenQ. It seems to be part of the cost of doing business.

Nevertheless some of the dead drive/RMA stories going around seem unexceptable. :a

Well, I’ve been delighted with the 1620, and so has everybody I’ve recommended it to/bought it for. It’s worked flawlessly.

Of course, being humans, we tend to remember the bad things, not the good, and thus complain bitteryly about them… Have had very bad experiences with NU and NEC drives, but I was just unlucky.

Return the drive, and fingers-crossed, the replacement will do the job.

Good luck!


hey cdmonster: staples has the pac digital dvd burner (s/b benq1620) on sale for $60.00 usd (after easy rebate). that way if drive is doa u just walk it back to store. sale ends today tho (23.apr.2005).

Well i have 2 burners for not only that reason. Would like to have more but wife thinks 1 is enough :rolleyes: What does she know anyway :wink: Hope you get a good one next time. There’s bad drives with any brand. Just look at any of the forums.

Perhaps there should be a thread titled “My BenQ Still Works”. I’m sure that it would elicit more posts that the negative views. And by the way, my 3 1620’s and 822A still work fine, with another 1620 on the way. As chas0039 said, it’s a hobby and a part of doing business.

If you can read this, you aren’t the President. /.

A have two 1620 drives, and never a single problem, i will probably get the 1640 when its available in the UK and put one of the 1620 drives in my external enclosure.

I always prefer to buy from a real store, so I can return easily, at a little bit higher price. I also buy online when there is none in these local stores. Anway, mine works first time, and every time.

While RMA is in process one feels a strong urge to buy a new one. I recently RMAed my motherboard. They kept it for full two weeks before finally sending me a fixed (or replaced) one.
I have no idea what they were doing for two weeks. :slight_smile: If I was in haste I would end up buying a new M/B and CPU.

I think it is a way for companies to earn money.

hey thanks for the heads up.

i’m thinking that will be better because like you said if something goes wrong again i can take it right back and not have to pay for shipping and wait another 8 days for it to get back to me.

is this it?

how do these compare to the retail boxed versions?

i’m not knocking this drive or the company at all. i have been around to other sections of the forum and seen people having troubles with other brands as well.

it’s just very Frustrating to have 2 brand new drives go dead so fast :a

cdmonster: yup, thats the benq1620. but as always with retail, if you open drive and find it’s some other kinda crap drive, walk that puppy back too. but as far as i know pac digital 16x is still benq. my brother-in-law got one the last time staples had it on sale. it was benq. also i really like staples easy rebates. they are great.

what do you think the odds are of me getting one on the 1st shot?

is staples return policy very strict?

haven’t shopped there in a while.