I'm going insane - AOE2 with safedisk1 - why wont it work?!?!?


I can’t get CloneCD (latest version) to back up Age of empires 2. I have used Clony XXL to find its Safedisk 1.
I have a Pioneer DVD RW DVR-106D, and a Sony CDR CRX210E1.
Which drive and settings should I use? I have tried both drives with various settings, but it just gets stuck at 0% at a REALLY low read speed and the log shows loads AND LOADS of errors reading sectors.

Can anyone help me before I go mad with frustration?


Read errors are one of the primary characteristics of the SafeDisc protection. The errors are normally around sector 800 to 10,500. The reading will go VERY slow until it gets past the read errors. Just let it go and it will eventually get past them and speed up, giving you a good image.

Use the safedisc profile before 2.51 and reduce read and write speed to 4x or 8x for game to be more portable. Also if playing from a burner or ATIP reading device make sure to hide cdr media. The reading will be slow (very slow) for the bad sectors and the first 3% will seem like forever but wait it out and it will go much faster aftwrewards.

If its surely SD1 and if memory serves me right (i am getting older) the errors will be less than 10000bla bla bla and there is also no ATIP detection. Just read the image with FES on and write without any amplification - thats it :slight_smile:

… oh and be a bit patient with the reading :wink: