Im getting paranoid about the

After cheking this forum out almoust frome topp to bottom ive gotten realy confused.I tested my discs in nero dvd speed , and the quality was like 95%.

and acording too other posts…this is bad right??, i use verbatin (mcc 003 I think it was) The problem is im very Protective of my files and data…and i want the best burn and the best quality…no matter the cost

1.I always burn discs as data fore storege (Only avi,mkv never anyting ells) so if i burn a dvd and gett like 95% burning quality, how long is my data disc gona last

  1. What dose the bad burn mean fore my data on the disc…is it compromised/corupt/loss of data/

3.How can i improve the quality of my burns(more than buying the right media)

4.What happens to the data if the disc goes bad (like 80% and less q and added jitter and stuff) can i save my data so its in the same condition as when i first burned it

5.The files im storing is video files like avi etc…so if disc is like 95% those that mean the files have lost quality

pleas Help :confused: im using dvd burner sony dwq28ab2 dual layer
the burner once burned cd…but it cant eny longer…dont know why

Can you provide a couple of scans so that we can actually see PIE/PIF distribution?

95% QS doesn’t sound like a bad disc to me :wink:

How do i dow scans and how do i post them?

Have a look at this thread:

CD-DVD Speed - A User Guide :slight_smile:

Also this:

How to attach quality scans to your post.

How To: Attach disc quality scans to your post

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As Arachne said, a 95 QS shouldn’t be bad with that drive (a rebadged Lite-On I presume, which is difficult to get a 98 or 99 QS with).

The best thing to do is make 2 copies on different brands of discs (Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden IMO) and store them in 2 separate locations incase of accident.

The files themselves have not lost quality. Quality scanning is basically measuring the errors/failures the burner reports. It is nearly impossible to get a PIF-free disc. Different drives may report different levels of errors/faliures.

You should be able to make another copy of the copies as long as they will complete a Transfer Rate Test (another CD/DVD speed test) sucessfully.

Your burner probably has a damaged/worn out CD laser since DVD burners use different lasers for burning each.

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Completely agree. :iagree:

Verbatim and Fujufilm

They don’t look that bad to me, although the Verbatim isn’t a full disc.

And on that drive, I would have thought scanning at 4x would be better, but they’re OK at 8x, so…

Liteon…dont think so, Transfer Rate Test were can i get the test??

and what burner should i use tho get a higer quality and %
and are external burners as god as internal

Actually, the drive is a rebadged LiteOn 1693S…:wink:

Oh… :o

Can you recomend a god burner to use?

A newer Lite-On, a Pioneer 111 series (not an accurate scanning drive), a Benq 1650/1655 if you can find one.

Media is also a factor. I don’t know what media a 3rd generation Lite-On likes though. Arachne should be able to provide a good suggestion as far as that is concerned.

[Edit:] BTW, what speed are you burning at?

Im burning at low speed…as low as i can (4-8x)

Icant find the burners your sugesting

How long is the media good fore (intackt,playable,free frome data loss)if i stick to my old burner and have the quality burns taht ive posted

Arent ther good external burners?? that will give mee grade a burns (98-99%)

The Lite-Ons (may be under Sony brand) and Pioneers (may be under Asus brand) have external versions.

PIF looks fine. It would be nicer without that orange spike, but it’s just a single one, so it’s not a big deal really. PIE looks a bit high, but still within the norm. Did you try +R media? It may work better.

Mind you, a CD Speed score of 95 is good, and media might be readable even at 0.

If you are really concerned, you could double-backup, or do sample re-scanning every now and then and see if the error levels go too high. If they do, and assuming the increase is gradual (which I think is the likely case), you could move the data to another media.

Ok so if i burn on quality media…gett 90-95% in quality have a good Transfer Rate Test. How long will the dvd last (the data thats burnt on the disc)

And i donte gett it is… i want to store my data fore a long time butt i seems the media dosent hold fore a very long time…its like good fore 1-2 years

And i really have to know…How can i know that my data is safe on the disc…and how can i bee suer i gott the file on the disc whitout losing data??

Dose it matter if i gett a low score on the cdspeed test? will it tell me if the data is intakt ore how long the data will last safely on the disc

should i gett a external harddrive insted

Initial write quality (if you believe your consumer drives view on the digital error rates) is only one factor in deciding if your media will last.

Storage conditions is equally (if not more) important. Low temperature/darkness/low humidity will all help ensure your media will be readable for longer.

A harddrive would be good additional backup if you want to increase your chances of keeping your data safe.

DVD media which has good proven stability & which should still have good availability are CMC MAG E01, TY T02, MCC 004. There are others, but I have no experience with them.

1.aslong as the disc is safe and is readable (in the dvd drive) i can extrakt the avi file compleat (100% whitout data loss/ ore coruption)and putt it back on my hard drive?

2.if i chek my discs once a year…is that inuff

3.and when should i discard the disc, and move the data to a new disc?

4.att what value/% (in the cd speed nero) should i remove the data to another disc.

  1. So the cd speed test isent that important?

  2. when is the disc in danger of losing data/going corupt… and dos bad reading ip errors/failuers and jitter do anything to the file/data that makes it lose data ore is it not important

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