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Ok, I will admit it. I have in the past used pirated versions of AnyDVD/CloneDVD2. But I felt that this software was so excellent that it deserves the $50 or so dollars that it costs. I have saved up some money and purchased both AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. I’m really happy I was able to do this and just want to thank SlySoft for there excellent support. One of the reasons why I previously pirated this software was because I thought this company would go down just like DVDxCopy did. After seeing them in the past 3 years thriving, I am confident they’re here to stay. I would like to take this moment to encourage other piraters out there to support software companies and purchase their software instead of stealing them! I guess you can say I’ve moved to the good side! :iagree: :clap: :slight_smile: :cop: :bigsmile:

good choice…and i’m sure slysoft appreciates it as well…

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You have indeed moved away from the darkside. :bigsmile: :iagree: :clap:

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Probably works better too-eh!

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Thanks everyone. I just used CloneDVD2 in Combination with AnyDVD to backup one of my DVD’s (Triston and Isolde). WOW. It did the ripping and compression in 13 minutes and the burn in 6 minutes (16x DVD-R). Total time took was 19:38 minutes. That’s less than 20 minutes! I am very impressed considering the combination of software I previously used to backup dvd’s was taking between 1:30 hours and 2 hours! Slysoft has now allowed me to copy more than 5 times as fast! Once again, I am a very happy customer. Might I add how I love the features which allow you to remove the trailers and adverts and the other foreign languages in which are useless and take up space. This space can be used to increase compression quality! DVDxCopy Platinum never had that! Thank you so much Slysoft!

Glad you’re happy with SlySoft. I love their products too!

Just be careful about how fast you burn your medias. Too high may lead to dodgy burns (coasters). I tend to stick to only 4x. Just a tip.

what a load of crock :rolleyes:

excuse me?

it is not the speed as much as what brand od media you use I have 8x ty that I buun at 6x or 8x and they burn just fine. Back in the dark days of learning I did find that with cheap media a slower speed helped but not with the TY

Thank you!

Don’t worry, we are untouchable.

a speed recommendation without knowing the max speed of the drive, rated speed of the media, what firmware the user has on his drive, and the media ID code of the media he is using is completely unfounded and will most likely turn out to be bad advice.

appropriat eburning speed comes from a combination of ALL of the factors I lsited above, none of which we know for the current poster.

I have a Samsung TS-H552D 16x +/- D/L DVD Burner. I use 16x Rated DVD-R Taiyo Yuden Media. I understand that this media is the highest quality available and that is why I am not worried too much about high speed burning. I’ve already confirmed that the media ID code of it is legit and that the media is not fake.

4x is the happy medium I’ve found. Also blutach recommends it aswell.

i absolutely disagree with that. as i said, the above criteria must be taken into consideration before recommending a particular burn speed.

the ideal burn speed is going to be different for different media with different burners and firmware and different system specs. in fact, if i HAD to make such a broad recommendation, I’d say to burn at the RATED SPEED of the media or at 12x with 16x media.

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I fully echo Forum Member reasonsnotrules above #15 comments.

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I always burn at the media speed and I’ve never had a bad burn, but I only use Verbatim or TY. :smiley:

that post is over a year old

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