I'm dumb. Help with Clone created files



This doesn’t happen often enough to be a big deal but I would like the answer, nevertheless. When I go to burn in CloneDVD there is the option to not delete the temp files. I assume this would be used when I want to make many copies of the same thing. When I go to burn a DVD from files, and go to the temp file where the files are I get an error message saying it cannot open or read the file. The stuff I am duping now has very short files so re-coding everytime is not a big deal but I should learn how to make a burn from the files Clone saves.

Thanks in advance.


Normally, the temp files are located in CloneDVDTemp\VIDEO_TS folder. You can make another copy by hitting the WRITE button after the burn. If you just want to write data to the hard drive to burn at a later time, then select file mode and instruct CloneDVD to transcode the movie. When done, you can shut down CloneDVD. You can now use Nero or equivalent to burn the movie in DVD MOVIE mode using the data in the VIDEO_TS folder. Should see .BUP, .IFO, and .VOB in this foler. Make sure you delete ALL contents in VIDEO_TS before transcoding another movie.


Thanks much. It is so much simpler than I thought that I never tried just hitting write again. You saved me a to of time; I need to make 100 copies of a Kindergarten talent show.