I'm down to these two burners - HELP Please

I’m down to the BenQ 1650/55 or Liteon 165H6S/165P6S

I’m trying to replace my dead 3540… Well it works with DVDs fine but Can’t burn/read CDs

If there are any recommendations or more drives I should get please tell me.

Do you want LiteScribe or a Ram drive? I have no use for either so i went with the LiteOn 160P series (4 of them to be exact). :rolleyes: It rips and reads fast and has burned over 250 CDs & DVDs with out one single coaster. :bow: Just a thought. :slight_smile:
Edit: I also have a BenQ 1650 and 2- Pioneer 111-D drives but haven’t used them yet. :o If you plan on burning alot of CDs and or Double Layer DVDs then the Pioneer 111-D might be your best bet. :wink:

Having them would be a plus but I don’t really care

Well I do want to burn fast but I want to backup some of my games and I want be able read them Fast

What kind of games are they? (ie PC, console)? The other thing that the Pioneer has really excelled in so far is that it seems to be the most versatile drive as far as backups for the XBOX 360 are concerned. All sorts of crazy posts over at X-S about people having nothing but rotten luck with other burners (despite setting everything properly) to get coaster after coaster but then as soon as they get a 111D the exact same configuration suddenly works. It should be noted though that the major issues seem to be with the Hitachi XBOX 360 drive. Of course if you aren’t interested in doing 360 backups then this is all a moot point. Just thought I would add it in though.

Just some pc games… Maybe PS2

Thats for $20 AR


if you need good CD writing capabilities, then go for the Benq.


I’m leaning towards the Liteon unless someone tells me not to

As I already mentioned, for CD writing, you should go for the Benq. The Liteon is the second worst CD writer in my collection.
If you don’t mind about CD writing, then you can get the Litey.


Well I missed out on the deal so I have more time to research but I need to decide by tonight… I’m starting to lean over to the benq

Hey Spidey, I have to agree with everyone else about the BenQ. Its a really dependable drive and it seems to like the punishment. I just ordered the Pioneer 111D and im going to see how it stacks up against my other drives. Litey is good but i share the same opinion of it not being a personal favorite of mine either. I have problems with them being “picky” when it come to creating certain disk.

Well I got the liteon (because I can’t wait for the benq to come back instock at newegg)… :frowning: If I needed the DVR-111, I could just walk down the street to my cousins house :slight_smile:

I hope there isn’t much of a difference

Hey Spidey, how do you like the drive so far?