I'm disappointed with my TYG02 media. fast degradation after couple of weeks!

Hi guys, I have burned lot of TYG02 recently and scanned the discs same days they have been burned.

After couple of weeks I have scaned again some discs because I have experienced problems with famous G05 Ritek media and I’m really disapointed to see same problems with TYG02. most of the discs have some degradation.

Some of my best burns with 5 PIE average and score 98% in CD/DVD Speed are now with 10-15 PIE average and 90 or 93% score!). Some burns with 95% are now 70%!!.

I can’t find any explanation, discs were store properly, no scratch on any discs and no visible problem with burned surface. I use printable media and I scanned discs before the prints process. Is it possible that degradation process occured during print process???. Someone have experienced this kind of problem before?

If degradation process continue my discs will be unusable after couple of month…

Beginning of the month: 3 average PI Error

What burner have you got, where/how are you storing the discs?? Where did you buy the media from?

Try scanning before and after you print and see what the disk looks like.

Sorry about your issue. :frowning:

  1. Are you positive these are [I]genuine[/I] TYG02 discs? Do you have the GGXXXXX serials on these discs?

  2. Would you post some scans of the degraded discs, so to see where the degradation problems occur (inner area, edge area…)

  3. What do you use as a scanning drive, and how old is it? Some erratic/inconsistent scanners can lead to false conclusions (NEC 3550, 4550, 4551, Pioneer 109…), and it’s also possible that your [I]drive[/I], rather than the discs, is showing signs of age/degradation. I had the same recently with one of my 3540A drives and for two days I was terrified than all my discs were going wrong! :doh:

  4. This said, a bad batch of genuine TYG02 is still a possibility, even though TY is without a doubt the most [I]consistent[/I] media available. Where did you buy these?

** :slight_smile:

1- I supposed it’s genuine TY because they all haved GG000077 number, my only concern is about the manufacturer name because CD/DVD speed said ‘unknown’…

2- Will post scans tonight

3- My scan drive is a brand new lite-On SHW-165P6S. Only 1 month usage.

4- Was bought from http://www.blankmedia.ca

Others questions: Discs are stored in Black DVD Case, I will scan before and after printout tonight to see if I can see degradation folowwing print process tonight…


:confused: - this is peculiar. What version of CDSpeed do you use?
You can also try DVDIdentifier.

Use cd/DVD Speed 4.51. Will try DVD Identifier tonight to see if manufacturer name appears.

Sorry to sneak in, but I see the same thing with CD-DVD Speed from time to time, so it’s not a one off occurrence. The MID is displayed as it should be, but for manufacturer it says “unknown”.

Only happens with some discs, and I can’t remember if this is before or after burning. :slight_smile:

1: I also have some GG00077’s, these gave me problems with all my burners
but scans were not very good to start with.

I can’t wait to see the before and after scans.

Good luck.

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry to sneak in :bigsmile: , but you see MCC 004 stated as manufacturer Verbatim. :doh: When it’s Infiniti. Maybe your CD/DVDSpeed needs glasses :cool: .

True, but I just ignore that because they burn so good :bigsmile:

Just checked my own TYG02 with CDSpeed 4.11, 4.50 and 4.51.
All these versions report “unknown” manufacturer. :rolleyes: - don’t know about older ones, I didn’t keep them. :o
DVDIdentifier does report the manufacturer as [I]Taiyo Yuden co. Ltd[/I] :slight_smile:

Nt, nt, nt, Erik! :bigsmile:

Which burner is used :wink: Sometimes i have spikes and 1000 pif on good discs after print but it’s always been dust (or grease after i removed the dust) :wink:

PIE/PIF scans only have a limited value, they are not the end-all, be-all of quality. To understand disc quality, you have to run a battery of varied tests on a large enough sample size.

People get a variance in scan from one time to the next, and they want to scream bloody murder that the disc is dying when that is actually one of the least likely problems.

Changes in the drive and variances in the scans are far more likely than a disc falling apart in front of your eyes. Discs were made to stand the test of time, decades, sadly players and burners were not. Discs outlive laser readers/writers, happens all the time.

If your disc here is fake, and “suddenly” does not scan right, it’s more likely that your first scan was faulty. Fake media is never that good, most of it is quite pathetic. Just be more careful in the future.

Variance from scan to scan is a given, but what he has described is not a simple matter of a variation from one scan to the next. QS changes from 98 to 90 and 95 to 70 are very significant and are an obvious sign of a change in the media. I’m assuming something in his process of printing has introduced the problems.

I will do some testing tonight, before and after print process, I will post the scanning results.

I have also saved TYG02 scans I have made last month and will post them with the newer scans to show you degradation process I have experimented

My burner is LG4163B, firmware 1.03 and 1.05, this burner is supposed to work well with TYG02,


You should try A106 anyway, which will support TYG03 as well :stuck_out_tongue:

And T03, if you use +Rs as well, as I do. A106 supports it very nicely at 16x. :slight_smile:

Wishful thinking, with absolutely no data to back it up, apart from manufacturers claims. Only a handful of years for the oldest DVDRs out there…! Statistically, this amounbt of time has no value. And there will never be sufficnt statistical data, as production is changing all the time (and massive production increase due to demand is very often accompanied with a drop in quality…). It was the same with CDRs, and despite the fact that they’ve been around for much longer than DVDRs, it’s still impossible to give an expected lifespan for a CDR.

Nevertheless, you make a good point with the drives issues. With such fast degradation in PIE/PIF values, and without another drive to scan with, it’s still a strong possibility that the drive is the actual troublemaker, not the media, just like I mentioned in my first reply in this thread.

I tested CDSpeed 4.51 with TYG02, TYG01, YUDEN000-T01, YUDEN000-T02. All of these produced a “unknown manufacturer” result. MCC003 showed up as “Verbatim”. I believe it’s an issue CDSpeed has with Taiyo Yuden media in general.