I'm confused !... Tosh. 1502 Firmware?

Hi all !

I have a toshiba sd-m 1502 with firmware 1008 . I would like it to be the best that it can be for Clone CD & also DAE if possible .

There is Firmware - 1008 , 1010 , 1012 , 1812 , 1816 . Now every where i look i can’t find info on the diffrences between these versions ! What version should i use ? :confused:

Untill i learn more & develope a Brain… Thank’s for letting me use Your’s ! :smiley:

I’ve used 1012 for a long time without problems.

Also upgraded to 1816 today…but didn’t notice any changes.

Toshiba drives is always dirt slow at reading music and mode2 CD’s(VCD/PSX).

But they flies in CloneCD :wink:

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I don’t care about speed , just want good exact read ! I’m not an expert at burning & not in a hurry so i slow every thing down & so far every thing is great !

Just thought fw upgrade would help Tosh. be a better reader. Will try 1816RPC-1.

Once again THANK’S !!