Im confused about copy protection



ok, i am really really new at this. I have been trying to back up my DVDs but alot of them are copy protected, and although iv looked im still not quite sure what im suppost to do to get around this. Iv noticed there are alot of programs to identify the copy protection on the DVD, but what do you do next after you have found out what the copy protection is.


Welcome fallen atreyu. Are you talking Games or Movies? DVD Games have an array of protections\versions where as DVD Movies dont. Any DVD Movie can be backed up with ease whereas a lot of newer DVD Games cant be. There is plenty of good software out there to do either job.


Yes, if your looking at Movies…look into AnyDVD and CloneDVD2/DVDShrink


Hey fallen… Welcome to the forum. I use AnyDVD, Shrink and Decrypter and have no problem. AnyDVD does cost a small amount. Shrink and Decrypter are Freeware.


ok thanx all… yeah im just backing up movies. so all i need is anyDVD and that should be all i need. will i also need something to shrink movies or anything like that or does anyDVD pretty much cover everything?


AnyDVD just runs in the background for copy protection. Use Shrink for compressing and Decrypter to burn.