Im buying in < 24 hrs. What should I buy

I dont know anything about DVD recorders, but I think I have deceided to get one. I just dont know which one I should get. I would like ot to be external with firewire. Is it better to buy an internal drive and get a firewire case for it? And if so where would be the best place to purchase the case? Also I will be using this drive for data, but mainly games and movies. Which format will be the best choice? All in all which drives in your eyes are the best for my needs and best overall. Thanx

You can do what most people do and research your product. It happens Tomshardware has an extensive review on 11 of the top drives, but to save you some time, the LG GSA 4040B drive came out ontop as the best bang and features, as well as the Pioneer A06/106 (both the same, one is retail, other is OEM).

CDFreak here also did a review on the LG GSA 4040B but found less than favorable results, so it’s in your best interest to read some reviews to see for yourself, unless you base your purchase on emperical experiences, which are good, but not quite as consistant and always subjective.

Personally, I’m going with the Pioneer based on 2 independent reviews.

Here’s the review:

Search out the review on this site.